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[Winter Sports]

IZMIR Odemis Bozdagi      

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Bozdagi Ski Resort is established on Bozdagi within the boundaries of Bozdagi Village of Odemis District of Izmir province. It is 110 km far from Izmir. It is possible to reach the Ski resort by coaches or private vehicles from the city center.

It is possible to ski for the period from December to March. Snow thickness is about 80 – 120 cm in normal winter conditions. Dominant climate is the Mediterranean climate. Skiing areas are between 1700 m, 2157 m. height. Alpine discipline skiing can be made especially on the slopes to the north.

Three mechanical facilities have been completed by Special Provincial Administration within the scope of Winter Sports Center of Izmir- Odemis- Bozdagi. Constructions of facilities for daily services and accommodation units are going on.