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ISPARTA Davraz Ski Center      

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Davraz Mountain is one of the mountain masses arising between Egirdir and Kovada Lakes in Lakes region of Mediterranean Region and surrounding Isparta Savannah. The Mountain is 2637 meters high. Davraz Ski Center is 26 km. far from the city center within the boundaries of Isparta province. Municipality organizes coaches from the city center to the ski Centers. It is 58 km far from the nearest airport (Suleyman Demirel Airport).

Height of the skiing area, in which continental climate is the dominant one, is between 1600 – 2000 m. Snow thickness is about 50 – 200 cm. Skiing season is between December – April.

It is suitable for “Northern Discipline”, “Alp Discipline”, “tour Skiing”, Snow Board and Tele Mark.

It offers safe routes for amateur skiers with mildness of natural texture and perfect and ski runs up to 4 km. for professional skiers, on which they can ski as they want. snow quality.

There is a chair lift facility of 1155 m length with a capacity of 1000 persons / hour. Lower station’s altitude is 1674 m and upper station’s altitude is 1961 m.
It is possible to watch the great view of Lake Egirdir through one Baby – lift of 300 m length and T. bar of 624 m length.

Besides the Ski House, which is located at the Ski Center and which has a capacity of 50 beds and a restaurant for 150 persons, also hotels in Egirdir District with a capacity of 600 beds total can be used for accommodation.

Hotel Eğirdir
Tel +90.246.311 39 61-62
Fax +90.246.311 42 19

Sirene Davraz Otel
Kulovası Mevkii Çoban İsa Köyü Büyük Hacılar Isparta
Tel +90.242.710 08 00
Fax +90.242.725 45 27