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[Winter Sports]

ELAZIG Sivrice Hazarbaba      

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It is on Hazarbaba Mountain within the boundaries of Sivrice District of Elazig province. Ski center came into service in 1999 and it is in a development process.

It is possible to reach Elazig, which has the junction position for roads connecting Eastern Anatolia to the west, by highway at every hour of the day. There are reciprocal flights from Elazig to Ankara everyday of the week and reciprocal trains to Istanbul on 3 days of the week.

Hazarbaba Ski Center is 25 km far from Elazig and 6 km from Sivrice District. Private transportation vehicles can be found from Sivrice to the Ski Center.

Show thickness in normal winter conditions is about 100 – 200 m on Hazarbaba Mountain, which has 2347 m peak. Skiing season begins in December and continues till March. Dominant climate in the region is the continental climate.

There is a Ski House and Cafeteria in Hazarbaba Ski Center. Ski equipment is provided to day trippers at the ski house. Catering facilities are available in the cafeteria. Chair lift of the center is enlarged and increased to 1700 meters in 2000 and ski run is improved so that amateur and professional skiers have the opportunity of a comfortable skiing.