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Beydaglari (Bey Mountians)

Beydaglari, the west extension of the Taurus Mountains, extend towards the bay in the north-east direction of the western of bay Antalya. Among its significant peaks, there are Teke Dorugu (the Teke Peak), Bakirdagi (Mount Bakir), Mount Tahtali and Kizlar Sivrisi. The highest of them is Kizlar Sivrisi with a height of 3069 meters.

It is possible to reach the peak within a day as the sky is clear for 300 days. Viewing the sea and Antalya enables you to forget the whole exhaustion of climbing.

If you want to do paragliding and if the weather is nice, you come across fantastic scenery. Beydaglari is an important winter tourism center besides being a significant mountaineering center.


3069 meters


Beydaglari form the western part of the Taurus Mountains in the province borders of Antalya. They lie in the north-south direction along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Each season in a year is convenient for trekking and climbing. The most suitable months except for winter months are April, May and June.


These chains of mountains generally composed of calcareous rocks are covered with interesting forest coverings. There many peaks on these mountains.


The best place for climbing is Antalya-Kemer and Antalya-Elmali. Antalya is connected to Istanbul and Izmir through sea and to Ankara through air and highway.


Climbing to Kizlar Sivrisi (3069 meters), the highest peak of Beydaglari, is realized from Elmali. You go to Camcukuru Plateau surrounded by deodar trees by a car from here. Climbers camping in Camcukuru win the summit within a day and they return back. The most interesting trekking and climbing of Buzdaglari (the Buz Mountains) is towards Mount Tahtali. This mountain at a height of 2360 meters is covered with distinct forest coverings till the height of 2000 meters. After the timberline, mountain meadows begin to emerge. You ascend to Sogukpinar (Soguksu) on the north of the mountain by a car from Kemer in order to climb to Mount Tahtali. The camping ground is determined here. Peak climbing is done from the slopes overlooking the Mediterranean. The scenery and the panorama changes every moment during climbing.