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Marmaris having the biggest harbor of the region is at the west end of Aegean Region. According to many experts “Blue Cruise” which follows the Gokova and Hisaronu gulfs should be started in Marmaris. It is possible to hire ships together with their crew appropriate for every level of budgets for yacht tours. You can enjoy the excellent beauties in the south of Turkey by touring on such yachts.

Marmaris was on the trade road between Rhodes and Egypt passing through Anatolia in the ancient times. The previous name of Marmaris which was the horbour city of Caria is Physkos. The city conquered by Lydians, Persians, Helens, Seleucids, Romans and Byzantines was taken by Turks in the 13th century. The castle in here was built in 1522 during the period of Suleyman the Magnificent. There is an ethnography museum where many archeological artifacts and Turkish artifacts are exhibited and the room of the castle captain within the castle. Kemerli Kervansaray built in 1544 is a bazaar where tourism items and souvenirs are sold today.

Structuring is highly developed in the district which is rather big. You can have a long and lovely walk on the coastal line of Marmaris. There are various hotels appropriate for every level of budgets in Marmaris where you can have the opportunity to taste the delicious Turkish food in any of the harbor restaurants and you can drink Turkish raki which is the traditional alcoholic drink with ice and water. Then you can have lots of fun in a disco or bar.

It is possible to purchase leather products, copper and brass items, jewelries and cornelian items in the bazaars. Carpets, textile and embroideries are the most loved holiday souvenirs. You can find pine honey produced around Marmaris, which is very delicious. There are lots of restaurants serving national and international meals in Marmaris.

The outskirts of mountains in Icmeler near Marmaris where the nature and the modern holiday facilities are in great harmony can level down to the coast. Clean water of the sea is suitable for water sports. It is a quieter place when compared to Marmaris. There are wide trekking paths, clean beaches and a huge verdant area in Icmeler. Street bazaars are established in Icmeler every day. It is possible to find any kind of products in the bazaars.

There is a stream the flow of which is very low in summers between the trees in Gunnucek Picnic Area. The picnic area where you can also enjoy the beaches and the camping area have been arranged by the forest administration. It is possible to go to Cennet Island (Heaven Island)-Nimara Peninsula- just across Marmaris by daily boats.

Turunc which is in the east of Bozburun Peninsula and 21 km to Marmaris has a wonderful blue sea and a perfect natural harbor. The houses in Turunc are located around the bay. You can have the opportunity for trekking, safari tours and diving in Turunc the sea water, sand of which is perfectly clean. The Restaurants are located mostly on the beaches. You can view excellent landscapes at certain points. The 3000 year old tree in Bayır Village will definitely capture your attention. Kumlubuk which is a heaven- like place with its colorful water is I the south of the bay. There are Amos ruins which is the colony of Rhodes in the north. You can see the ruins of the theatre, city walls and necropolis here. You can go to Loryma where there are the ruins of the castle at the peak of Bozburun in the southeast of Marmaris only by sea. The natural small bays, and the islets around the peninsula are located in the north coast of the peninsula and these places are the perfect places for those who wish to have a rest. Sogut Village is off the beaten track at the far end of Bozburun peninsula and away from the sea. You can go to the sea by going to Saranda (Bozukkale). The island across this place is Simi Island. Hisaronu and the gulf on the way to Datca can be names as a perfect holiday heaven without any exaggeration. It is an ideal place for those who want to have a quiet holiday away from the crowd. It has a shallow sea, wonderful sand and clean air without humid. Do not skip eating fish in one of the fish restaurants in Selimiye which is a small and quiet fishery village in the Hisaronu Gulf. There are ruins of Hemithea Temple in the ancient city Kastabas in Pazarlik on Mountain Eren between Hisaronu village and the gulf. It is still possible to see the Middle Age castle on top of the city Bybassos in the north of the temple. Among the other ancient places of Marmaris which are worth seeing are Syma (Bayir village), Larymna (Bozburun), Thyssanos (Sogut), Phoinix (Taslica), Loryma (Bozukkale), Kasara (Serce horbor), Euthena and Amnistos (Karacasogut). Only the ruins of the castle and city walls remain in the above-mentioned cities all of which are Caria settlements.

Bordubet Bay one of the bays in the south of Gokova Gulf is quite natural and clean without any deterioration. The bay is a natural harbor. The facilities in the bay are managed with due care by people sensitive to environment. You can have the opportunity to take a walk in the forest with birds singing.

It is advisable for those who like sea to see the beach in Ataturk Park in the east of Marmaris. You can have the opportunity to play tennis. Moreover, Marmaris is one of the rare places where you can inhale the natural resin of black pines. Ferry schedules are arranged between Marmaris and Venice during the whole summer season.