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Koycegiz is between Marmaris and Fethiye, 35 km far from Dalaman Airport and located in the north of the lake having the same name, is connected to the Mediterranean via a natural channel. There is a settlement in Koycegiz tracing back 3000s B.C according to Strabon. Koycegiz, which is the city of Caria and Leleg people, was then captured by Alexander (Iskender). After the domination of Seleucids, Roman and Byzantium it was captured by Menteseogullari Sultanates in the 13th century. Koycegiz, where today’s settlement exists, developed in the Ottoman Period.

Koycegiz, which is lovely, peaceful and small place, is in a green environment. Koycegiz Lake is a fresh water lake of 2 meters in length and 20-60 meters in depth in the west end of the Mediterranean. It is connected from Dalyan to the Mediterranean via a natural channel. The dense reedy area on the lake having 5 small islands is a beautiful scene for photo enthusiasts. Although Koycegiz Lake used to be a gulf earlier, it became a lake connected to the sea via a channel called Calbis in the Ancient Period because alluviums brought by Dalaman River filled the sea. Koycegiz and its vicinity hosting 112 bird species are protected and not damaged due to the fact that excessive settlements are not allowed. The road continuing under the aromatic styrax trees reaches to Dalyan of Ortaca Town. Dalyan Delta is home of blue crabs. Iztuzu Shore with fine sand is an ovulation area for Caretta-caretta sea turtles which are about 1.5 meters in length and 150 kilograms in weight. Iztuzu Shore is in 5 km in length and charming with its shallow and clean sea. After swimming and sunbathing on the beach one can take a shower with the fresh water of the lake on the other side of the small natural channel dividing the beach. In Koycegiz Lake Nile turtles of 85 cm in length live as well. Dalyan, whose name is originated from fishery, is also famous for its mud baths. Hot and sulfide springs of Gelgirme, Ali Riza Cavus Girmesi, Delibey Girmesi and Sultaniye Thermal Waters are good for skin and help cure rheumatism and calcification.

The ancient city Kaunos that is located in the south of Koycegiz and opposite of Dalyan is an important harbor. The history of the city between Lycia and Caria, which lost its characteristic of being a harbor as a result of the alluviums having filled the sea, traces back 3000s B.C. Remains of the city begins in 5th and 4th centuries. According to the legend, Kaunos, who was the son of the Milet King Miletos having a daughter and two more sons, was expelled from his country because his affection to his sister went too far. He came and established the city bearing his own name. The city walls constituted by the blocks surrounding the city and acropolis towards the harbour were built in Arcais Period, the north part in Mauseolous and the north- west part in Hellenistic Period. The theatre by the acropolis has the capacity of 15 thousand and has 33 seats. There are four temples, a church having basilica planning, a Roman bath, agora, stoa, monumental fountain, palestra, water cistern etc, except from the theatre in the city. The circular structure between the theatre and the church is suggested to be an altar. Rock Tombs whose fronts of 4th century B.C are peculiar to Kaunos are the symbols of the city. The tombs having the view of Ion Temple were the indicators of wealth of Kaunos. In the tombs, the rooms having stone beds are entered by passing through the columned area.

Boat trips are organized between Koycegiz and Dalaman. Restaurants in Dalyan channels are famous for fish foods. It is beatific to explore the natural beauties around Koycegiz by daily boat trips.

Government Production Farm and Abbas Pasha Mosque near the farm can be visited and rafting trips can be made on Dalaman Stream in Dalaman where the airport is located. Raft and canoe trips in different categories are organized in Dalaman Stream. There are rock tombs in the city of Hippokome whose meaning is horse city and is 30 km far from Dalaman and Roman and Byzantium building remains in Kepezbasi.

The breathtaking scene of Ekinci with its marina makes you a captive. In Sarigerme, which is only 10 km far from Dalaman Airport, there are luxurious holiday camps within tremendous beaches and pine groves. Its long beaches, shallow sea, rivers connecting to the sea, hot springs, coves suitable for surfing due to the breezy air and suitable points for diving due to sea caves make Sarigerme worth to visit. The ancient city Philis that is a small place covered with forests and sand dunes is located by Sarigerme in Ortaca. City walls of Byzantium Castle belonging to the late Byzantium Period can be seen by the stream and the Byzantium church with its two undamaged walls by the entry of valley. Baba Island, where the remains of Roman tombs can be visited as well, is a much frequented place of boats in blue voyage. Also, this island is a breakwater protecting Sarigerme shore form strong breezes.

It is recommended for the ones who can stop over in Sarigermeor Dalaman and spare time for sightseeing to visit Lycia rock tombs in Kayadibi, Oktapolis ancient city in Bozbel, castle in Gurleyik, Ilica and Cal Streams, Demirci Bazaar in Gurkoy and the historical Akkopru (bridge) on Dalaman Stream.