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St. PAUL ROAD      

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St. Paul Road, which is within Asian Minor and which is the second longest trekking route of Turkey, opened in 2004. Some part of this road is within the scope of original Roman roads. Forest climbs and valleys with steep slopes near forest complete the road at defective areas. Another option on the road to come over is Koprulu Canyon National park.

Spheres of Interest

Photography, histrocial areas, flowers (March – June), bird watching (especially April – June and September – October), swimming (June – October), rock climbing, rafting and canoeing on river.

Local people

Please consider traditions of the local people and choose cloths that cover your arms and legs for this region. The people are quite hospitable and generous. You have got the opportunity to take a break and drink a cup of tea, taste local foods and stay at village houses or old school buildings. Local people here mainly cannot speak foreign languages. So, it will be good to use body language in order to express yourself. Besides, you may take a dictionary or similar sources with you.

Distance is: 500+km. Altitude reaches up to 2200 meters from sea level; however, it happens out to be 2735 meters by Davras Mountain and Barla Mountain climbing options. Walking difficulty starts from intermediate level and gets harder; however it does not require technical experience.


The most suitable airport is the one in Antalya. Starting points can be Aspendos or Perge options at costal region of Antalya. There are so many buses running there. Other points are Sutculer, Egirdir and Yalvac. There are regular bus services between these points.

Day trips

Egirdir holiday resort is quite suitable for daliy walks. You may reach this area by taxi, as well as walking from your hotel.

Guided Groups

There are a few Turkish and international agencies operating over St. Paul road. Turkish companies are present on the back page. You may consult your travel agency or make a research on Internet for international agencies.


Sutculer, Egirdir and Yalvac is available for open pension settlement for a long period of the year. There are in – forest accommodation facilities at Candir and Tota plateaus. Generally empty and single flat village houses in smaller villages such as Akcapinar, Haskiziloren, Candir, Sipahiler, Yukari Gokdere, Barla, Asagi Tirtar, Eyupler, Caltepe, Cimenova, Cukurca, Kesme and Kasimlar are available for visitors and suitable for accommodation. You may use shepherd tents for food and accommodation in other places. Besides, there are so many natural camping areas through the road.


Since November and mid – March is considered as the raining season, best period is accepted as April – October. There is snow at altitudes over 1500 meters in December and May.


It may vary according to specific periods of the year; but walking boots, backpack, body bag, flask, hat and cream and swimsuits can be listed as the essential equipment.


This route starts at a big passway following Aksu River through Greek – Roman ancient areas at Perge. After that, rarely visited but really beautiful ancient Pednelisos ruins are reached by passing two falls. From this point, Candir is reached by going through a rough limestone road, which has a steep slope to a gorgeous lake. The route continues to Sutculer, which has a steep slope and which is reached by climbing, after that it reaches to Adada through gorges, in which perfectly preserved Roman road is present. Also, there is a well – preserved church in this region. Journey until this point takes 8 days.

The second option following the same route starts at Aspendos coast and goes forward by following Koprulu River through the old immigrant road. Ruins present on steep slopes of Selge are reached by passing through rafting center of Beskonak river. Caltepe region, which is covered by pine and chestnut trees, has two difficulty levels and the old pack road is used here for the five day journey without any settlement area. Summer houses present on the slope of Sarp Mountain are made of cedar tree and stone; and accommodation is available for about five months in the year. The route intersects with Koprulu River through pine forests near Cukurca. The beautiful scenic Adada is reached from this region through a three day easy walking road. The whole region takes approximately two weeks.

Ski center Davraz can be reached through natural oak forests at northern part of Adada and rock cliffs covered by limestone. Food can be procured by taking this opportunity. Davraz is the starting point of one day climbing roads as one easy and two difficult roads. A lake promenade can be made at Egirdir, which resembles a small island atmosphere. Second stop is Barla on the north of Egirdir; it is one of the places where lots of tents can be seen in summer. On the same road, a romantic village, Barla, can be reached and it can be preferred to pass the lake by fishing boats after following the northern road covered by cedar trees. The same road combines with the Roman road after a two - day easy walk and it is possible to pass to St. Paul road or Antioch at Psidia from this point.