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Bingol, located in the Upper Firat section of the East Anatolia Region; is an attractive city with its castles, skiing center and its floating island. The city center is 1.151 m above sea level. The landscape is mountainous and hilly. The name Bingol comes from the many lakes, rivers, pores and springs in the region.

Bingol and its surrounding have witnessed Urartuian, Asurian, Persian, Roman, Arabian, Seljuqian, Saltukian, Akkoyunlu, Safevian and the Ottoman periods. It became a city under the name of “Capakcur” in 1936 and later the name was changed to Bingol.

The main attraction of Bingol comes from the richness and beauty of its nature. Its tablelands, ponds as well as its natural lakes, forests, expedition areas, cold waters, thermal water springs, mineral springs, the different style of sun rise, its Floating Island, nature based tourism potential suitable for hunting tourism and winter sports activities are the first that comes to mind among many attractions the city offers.


Kigi Mosque

The Kigi Mosque, built by Pir Ali Bey, the son of Akkoyunlu Fahrettin Kutluk Bey in 1401- 1402, has a single minaret and a single sherefe (the platform surrounding the minaret where call to prayer is read).

Kral Kizi Castle

It is 2 km from Genc town center. Only the ruins and the remnants of the castle, situated on a hill, is available. The original name of the castle is Darahini. The meaning of this phrase is the fountain of Dara. Genc district was formerly named after this castle. There is no absolute information as to the castle. There is a rumour that Dara, a Persian King, lived in Genc for many years and built the castle for his daughter. Today the castle is used as an expedition ground.

Sentarius Castle

The castle, dating back to the Urartu period, is one of the three castles built to supervise Bingol and its surroundings. The castle is situated in the valley of the Murat River.

Kuba Remnants

Consists of two seperate structures on both sides of Surekli Village-Caytepe Town road of the Genc district. There are wall remnants near these two structures, which are in a cupola. The remnants are believed to go down to the Akkoyunlus, to the Uzun Hasan period. Furthermore, the Harabe Village Underground City and the Solhan District Cankurtaran Hill sit area near this area are also very interesting.

Zulumtepe Remnants

It has been detected that the Castle in the ruins, situated in a distance of 26 km from Bingol, on Bingol-Mus highway in the Zulumtepe area of the Cavuslar Village, belongs to the Urartu civilisation and there has also been detected the existence of an antique road crossing the area.


Though it is not very rich in historical artifacts, Bingol and its surroundings offer interesting options with their natural beauties.

Floating Island

The Floating Island, situated in Aksakal Field of Hazarsah Village in Solhan district., is a natural wonder. This natural wonder is not only interesting but also has a very beautiful structure. The Floating Island is a hundred per cent naturla. It is a crater lake on a flat land surrounded on three sides by mountains and hills. The present size of the lake is over 300 square meters. There are three moving islands in the middle of the lake. The islands are independnet within the lake. It moves slowly on alll sides when one gets on it. There are 4-5 scrub and snag trees on the island. It is 4.5 meters away from the Solhan highway. The road is stabilized, so you have to go 1,5 km inside.

Bingol – Yolcati Skiing Center

The distance from the Skiing center to Bingol is 25 kiilometers. The transportation to the skiing facilities is by private vehicles. In the region where an arid climate prevails, the skiing season starts in December and lasts till March. There is a Skiing House with a capacity of 50 people in the skiing center. The health and other services are provided by Bingol city center.

The Skiing center has mechanical facilities 925 m long with a capacity of 500 people/hour and pists, a teleksi facility is available. The pist length is 1000 meters, and there are rouites for beginner and advanced level skiers. The lower station is 1650 m and teh lower station is 1890 m high. The slope is 25% on average.

Kos Thermal Toursim Center

Kos Thermal Toursim Center is on Bingol- Karliova road. It is 18 km from the city center. You can take advantage of the spa’s water, which is 47 degrees high, through drinking and bathing cures. There is accommodation in the thermal facility.

There are also man-made historical caves in Bingol.

Cicektepe Villlage Cave

Cicektepe Villlage Cave is on the skirts of Sivri Mountain, on a quite steep land. Two rooms, a separate section for the animals, a manger and a child’s cradle have been found in the caves. This cave is an evidence of the fact that the Kigi district has been preferred as a center of settlement since very early days.

Zag Cave

Zag Cave is situated on a steep rocky area between the Gokceli and Yenidal villages. The cave, the side of which is overlooking Murat River is 200-300 meters above the ground, has been carved into the rocks. The cave has 3 floors and each flor has 26 rooms. Transition between the floors have been provided by circular chimneys and the transition between the rooms through doors. The cave has wells, which are thought to have been used as store rooms; living rooms and two rooms reserved for women and girls. Only 17 rooms preserve their old conditions today.

The sun rises in a different style in Bingol

Watching the sun rise from the Kale Hill of the Bingol Mountains in Karliova district which are 3250 meters high is a unique experience. This beauty can be watched between 15 July- 15 August. One of the places, where the sun rise can be fully and in the most enjoyable way, is the Alp Mountains in Switzerland and the other is the Bingol Mountains. You can arrive at the summit of the mountain after a 25-30 minute climb.

Here, sun rise is like an interesting exhibition. First of all, the sun appears in the horizon as a slight redness. Then it turns into a frightening shadow. The redness becmes a piece of ember and three big spots (of color black), reminding one of a human face, appear in the piece of ember. The sun slowly starts opening in a shadow. This wonderful natural view carries on in color changes.

You absolutely must reach to the taste of the flavors that are unique to Bingol. Teh Kuruca village on the Bingol-Elazig highway welcomes its visitors with its Bal Kaymak Houses. This village produces the most delicious honey and clotted cream in the area. In this vilage, which is 4 km from the Bingol Skiing House, we recommend that you eat honey and clotted cream in breads cooked on metal sheet from groceries specialiising on this specialty. Furthermore, you should also try the mullberry syrup produced in the area.

You can eat local foood in Atapark and Soguk Cesme areas. The most popular among these local food are tutmac soup, sorina pel, keldos,

The mullberry syrup and the Bingol honey can be purchased. Furthermore, carpets, rugs, saddlebags, felts, gloves and sock are among the products you can buy as souvenirs or memoirs.