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[Travel Preparations]


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Travelers can bring with them as much Turkish or foreign currency as they desire. However, they are allowed to take an amount of Turkish currency equal to maximum US$5,000 while going abroad.

Travelers can take US$5,000 or any equivalent foreign currency with them while leaving Turkey. Residents of other countries and foreign people working in Turkey take higher amounts than US$5,000 to abroad on condition that they have declared such amount while entering Turkey, as well as residents in Turkey on condition that they document that they have bought foreign exchange from the banks.

Transfer of Turkish or foreign currency to abroad via banks is allowed. Travelers can bring in or out their own goods of valuable stones and mines in form of noncommercial jewelry not to exceed US$15,000. (While taking jewelry of higher value, one should declare them while admitting to Turkey or document that they have bought them in Turkey.) Travelers who bring the effective to pay in cash in return for export duties from Turkey should declare and document the situation.

For detailed information: Undersecretary of Customs