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[Winter Sports]

NIGDE- Bolkar Mountains      

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Located for the most part inside the city of Nigde, Aladag Mountains and Bolkar Mountains form the “Middle Taurus” part of the Taurus Mountains, which surround Anatolia on the south. These mountains offer very attractive routes for mountaineering, jogging and winter sports.

The Aladag Mountains are the most suitable part of the Taurus for mountaineering, jogging and climbing. The most appropriate routes for climbing start from the villages of Demirkazik and Cukurbag in the town of Camardi. There is a modern mountain house with 85 beds for accommodation.

Bolkar Mountains (3524 m.) are also a very attractive resort for jogging and winter sports. They really satisfy those interested in tour skiing with its 7 kilometer natural track. With the authentic crater lakes and flowers of nearly 200 kinds, the area has always been an attraction to visitors. Winter tourism and winter sports claim a bright future for the Bolkar Mountains. The best season for skiing in the region is between December 10th and April 20th.