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[Local Meals]


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Mediterranean cuisine is very famous. Fresh vegetables and fish constitute the base of the kitchen. Apiculture and vinery have been highly developed in the region. We recommend you to taste and buy Karakovan, pine honey and region specific carob molasses. Lobster casserole, Carp soup, Poached or shish cat fish, Crayfish salad, and crayfish casserole can be tasted at the restaurants around the Iznik Lake. Nomad dishes are among the other flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine. Kolle which is prepared by boiling white beans, chickpea and broad bean, diced lamb fried on iron plate, tandouri kebab, tomato civesi and eggplant, bergamot, and bitter orange jams as sweet are the region specific foods.

Intensive agriculture is practiced in Isparta. Various agricultural products reflect in the Isparta kitchen. 16 different kinds of soup is prepared in Isparta, fried butter, mint and red pepper are added to the soup after they are simmered. Miyane, ogmac, trotter soup, potato soup, sakala sarkan, spinach soup, top tarhana soup (sun dried curd, tomato and yoghurt), topalak, tutmac, toyga soup are some of these soups. Among the meat dishes, banak, earthenware pot kebab, kabine, mutton or chicken and coursely ground meat, tandouri kebab, tirit, meat with yoghurt can be counted. Stuffed fish and fish stew should not be forgotten. Cereals are widely used in the regional kitchen. Multi-flaked pastry with walnut filling (samsa), candy, tosmankara, mafis and yeast fritters in thick syrup are among the pastry sweets.

Hatay kitchen is very rich. Oruk, Occe, sour kidney - bean, White zucchini borani, pepper with walnut, Broad bean paste, Humus, Nazlı meat meal oven shredded pastry with soft cheese filling in thick syrup (peynirli kunefe) and Tas Kadayıf (oven baked shredded pastry with pistachio filling in thick syrup) are the local dishes worth trying.

Tantuni, cezerye (sweet made of carrots, traditional in Mersin), kus gozu, hummus (mashed chickpeas with tahini), telatur, bandirma, yuzuk soup, ovelemec are the local region specific meals of İcel.

Specialty of the city is the famous Adana kebab, which is made from minced lamb mixed with hot peppers, then charcoal grilled on a skewer. The local drink which is called salgam, an unusual mixture of purple carrots, turnips, garlic and lettuce, suits kebab very much. Among the vegetable dishes, sullum, spinach with lentil, zucchini cintmesi, sour topalak, meat ball with garlic, fist sized boiled and pounded wheat filled with minced meat, stuffed offal as the meals with boiled and pounded wheat, liquorices as a beverage, and karakus sweet, oven baked shredded pastry with pistachio filling in thick syrup and ring dessert are the traditional food which are the sepecialties of Adana kitchen.

The most important ingredient of Osmaniye kitchen is the boiled and pounded wheat. Meals like, fist sized boiled and pounded wheat filled with minced meat, lentil meat ball, raw meat ball, kisir, sarmaici, boiled and pounded pilaf, and batirik are all made of boiled and pounded wheat. Another region specific dish is meat kombe. During Ramadan feasts, dry kombe and kombe with molasses are also coked.