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Alisar is 45 kilometres to the southeast of Yozgat. The oldest settlement dates back to 3200 B.C.. Archaeological finds in Alisar include goddess mother idols and stamps made from clay and sometimes stone.

Alisar has a special place in Anatolian archaeology because of its earthenware pot technique around 3000-2000 B.C. It has style, ornate richness, and quality workmanship. Fruit bowls, cups and jugs with spouts were widespread.

A cream coloured or red glazed base is painted with dark brown or black geometric motifs. Intersecting lines, zigzag equilateral quadrangles, chessboard motifs and wavy lines were popular designs. These are known as Alisar III or Cappadocia pots. Some other examples of these can be found in Bogazkoy and Kultepe.