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Alacahoyuk is 50 kilometres southwest of Corum. There we see houses with mud bricks on stone foundations. The houses typically have more than one room. Soil covered flat roofs were possibly supported by wooden beams.

Red or black glazed earthenware pots were shaped by hand. Fruit bowls and jugs with spouts were widespread.

In Alacahoyuk, fascinatingly rich death offerings were found in 13 king’s tombs. We believe that they belong to people from the ruling class. Among the death offerings, a group that include discs with bulls and deer – which are mistakenly called the Hittite Sun Discs- is really interesting. We see simple forms like silver and bronze circles, semi-circles and diamond shapes in lattices. But there are also some complex examples, which include bulls, deer or other animal shapes. These wrought and cast examples show highly advanced techniques and are evident of the high technology that people in Anatolia had in use around 2500 B.C.

Apart from these, deer and bull sculptures were found in most of the tombs. Copper and silver sculptures and golden twin idols are death offerings that have religious meaning. Twin idol figure shows two women holding hands. This idol symbolizes the goddess mother.