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Arslantepe is ten kilometres southeast of Malatya. It is a settlement on the west bank of the Euphrates River. Oldest archaeological findings date back to 3700-3400 B.C. This is an Anatolian settlement used in the same time with Mesopotamia’s late Uruk period.

Like Arslantepe houses and graves, temple-palace building from 3300-3000 B.C. are also important. In this building in addition to sacred chambers, we find rooms used as warehouses. Large numbers of clay stamps and bronze weapons were found in these rooms. Swords are especially important because these are the oldest examples found to this day.

There are drawings on some walls of the rooms, like human faces and the like.
We see big eyes on triangle faces. Black and red were used on cream-coloured bases.
Figures in these drawings have bodies like hourglass. Their arms are curled upwards and we see red and black lines over their heads. It is believed that these drawings emphasize some ritualistic side of life, possibly the effect storing, and distribution of crops.

When they adapted to the potter’s wheel from Syria and Mesopotamia, there was a sudden development in pottery. Pots were single coloured. Fruit bowls with long legs and lattices were widespread. Early examples of jugs were upright. Later ones with spouts were bent and they did not have handles.