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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Melen Brook, one of the suitable rivers of Turkey for rafting in spring months is within Cumayeri district in Duzce province. Its distance to İstanbul and Ankara is 2,5 hours. It has a course of about 16 km. length. The average hardship degree is 3 and the course is completed in 1,5 hours in the winter conditions.

Natural Beauties

You can visit Akcakoca in the coast of the Black Sea, the plateaus lying within the green and Samandıra Waterfall.

How to Go?

You can reach Melen Brook, which is 2,5 hours distant to İstanbul and Ankara, via Bolu and Duzce.

The Course

The 16 km. long course starts at the village of Dokuzdegirmen and ends at the village of Beyler. Its hardship degree is 3 and lasts 1,5 hours. The course between Akyazı-Hendek is especially preferred and its hardship degree is 2-3.

The Most Suitable Time for Rafting

The best season for rafting in Melen Brook is the spring months. The river hosts the tourist for rafting from the beginning of February to the end of May.

Where to Stay?

You can camp along the river or accommodate in pensions and bungalow houses. The companies arranging rafting tours provide the accommodation in local hotels.


The temperature being around 20 – 25 degree at the beginning of the spring, rises to 30 degree in the middle of the summer.