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[Winter Sports]

AGRI - Bubi Mountain      

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It is 18 km. far from Agri city center in East Anatolian Region. There are flights from Ankara and Istanbul on stated days of week. Access to the city center is possible with private vehicles.

Most suitable season for skiing is December – April in ski resort, at which continental climate is the dominant climate. Snow height in skiing season happens out to be 1 – 2 meters in the ski resort, which is covered with Alpine Grasses.

A ski house belonging to the Directorate of Agri Special Provincial Administration is present. There is a cafeteria for 60 persons in the center.

A teleski with a capacity of 600 persons / hour with 1227 m length is present in the center, which has intermediate and expert ski runs. A demountable chair lift facility with 4 chairs has been established in 4 km. far from Eleskirt District, which is 45 km far from Agri. Length of the facility is 1650 m. and its capacity is 1000 persons / hour.