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[Winter Sports]

BITLIS Center      

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Bitlis, which is located at 25 km. Southeast of Lake Van, on Diyarbakir –Tatvan – Van highway in Eastern Anatolian Region, is also a winter sports residential area. Skiing areas are located in the city center.

There are coaches from various provinces to the city. Mus Airport (85 km.) or Van Airport (160 km.) is used for traveling by air.

Skiing season in the ski resort, which has temperate continental climate, starts in December and continues till April. There is always snowfall in Bitlis and its circle in summer and snow thickness is 1 – 2 meters.

Skiing areas are located at eastern and western parts of the city center. Dideban (1821 m) and Sapgor Mountains on the east and Altinkalbur Mountains on the west are used as skiing areas. There is a ski house in the ski resort. Accommodation and other services are available in the city center.

Ski Resorts are present in Altinkalbur Mountains on the west. There is a chair lift with 726 m. length and 720 persons / hour capacity. Ski runs have intermediate and expert difficulty levels.