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BINGOL Yolacti      

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Ski center is within the boundaries of Bingol province in Eastern Anatolia Region. It is on main road route, 25 km far from the city center. There are coaches from various provinces to Bingol, which is 916 km from Ankara and 1313 km from Istanbul. Access to the ski center is possible by private vehicles.

Skiing season in the ski center, which has continental climate, starts in December and continues till March.

There is a Ski House with a capacity of 50 beds. Health and other services are available in Bingol city center.

There is a chair lift facility of 925 m with a capacity of 500 persons / hour in the ski center. Length of ski run is 1000 meters and there are routes for beginner and expert level skiers. Lower station is at 1650 m, and upper station is at 1890 m. Average slope is 25%.