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[Winter Sports]

GUMUSHANE Zigana      

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Zigana Ski Center is within the boundaries of Gumushane province in Black Sea Region. The center is 40 km far from Gumushane and 60 km from Trabzon. It is 500 m away from main road on the east of Zigana pass. Access to the center from the city center is possible by private cars and passenger coaches.

Skiing areas in the ski center, which is mostly covered with forest, is at 1900 – 2500 meters. It is covered with grass in summer. Skiing season begins in December and continues till April. Snow thickness 100 – 150 cm. There is a Ski House in the Ski Center.

There is one Chair lift and one Baby – Lift between mechanical facilities and Ski runs. Length of the mechanical facility is 661 meters and capacity of it is 843 persons / hour. Width of the ski run is 100 – 200 meters and average slope is 20%.