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Erciyes Ski Center

Volcanic Erciyes Mountain, which is at 3916 meters altitude as the highest peak of Central Anatolia, arises at 25 km south of Kayseri province. The Ski Center can be reached in 40 minutes from the nearest Airport (Kayseri – Erkilet) by bus and in 30 minutes from the city center. Access to the ski center from Kayseri city center is possible by private vehicles. Besides, many of the hotels organize service buses for their customers.

Higher parts of the mountain, which is an extinct volcano, are covered by permanent snow in every season of the year. There is a mountain glacier of 1 kilometer length on the north of the mountain. The Ski Center is on Tekir upland meadow, which is located on northern slopes of the mountain. Erciyes is one of the most important mountains of the country in terms of mountaineering sports, as well as being a Ski Center.

Skiing areas located on eastern and northern slopes of Erciyes Mountain are between 2200 – 3100 meters altitude. Snow thickness is about 2 meters in normal winter conditions. Snow characteristic is usually powder snow. Skiing areas in Erciyes, which has the significant characteristics of hard continental climate, are under effect of winds with south and west directions.

Skiing season in the center lasts for 150 days / year. The very best time for skiing is the period between November 20th – April 5th.

There are 3 main ski runs in the skiing area. Total length of the runs, longest of which is 2250 meters, is about 12 kilometers. 2 of the runs are professional ski runs officially registered by International Ski Federation (FIS) for international ski competitions.

Each of the runs is quite suitable for skiing tours, snowboard, summer ski and heli – skiing. It is possible to try other winter sports on the land outside the ski runs.

1 cable – car, 5 mechanical facilities (2 platter lifts and 3 chair lifts), 7 T bars, two mini lifts of 300 and 600 meters length, emergency first aid center, 1 mobile clinic and 1 snow plough is available for skiers in the ski center.

“First zumrut”, which is chair lift type and which is one of two longest mechanical facilities of Erciyes, is 1530 meters long and “second zumrut” is 1570 meters long. First lift of 1500 meters length combines with the second lift and lengthens the ski run for 1400 meters. Moreover, a warm break can be taken at cafeterias located at the end of both ski runs.

Furthermore, Dedeman lift of 200 meters length is very suitable for beginner skiers. Modern lifts provide a quick and comfortable lifting to the ski runs.
There are 2 platter lifts, 2 chair lifts and 2 baby lift facilities in the center. One of the platter lift facilities is 1500 meters long and has a carriage capacity of 900 persons / hour. The other platter lift is 1255 m. long and has a carriage capacity of 800 persons / hour.

Chair lift is two - stage and has seats for 4 persons; 1. line is 1600 meters, has 113 chairs and its carriage capacity is 2600 persons / hour. 2. line is 1600 meters, has 113 chairs and its carriage capacity is 2400 persons / hour. There is another chair lift of 200 meters length, which belongs to one of the hotels there.

Another privilege offered by Erciyes is snow rafting. “Crazy” activities are organized within the scope of weekend activities as skiing from 2900 meters altitude downwards by rafting boats.

All runs and lifts are audited by expert officials. Search and rescue staff is always on duty for 24 hours, in case of a probable accident. There is also a village clinic there.
Courses can be taken from certificated ski instructors. It is possible to obtain ski equipment for rent. Amateur skiers should not go outside of the marked ski runs in foggy and bad weathers.

There are hotels of various classes and social facilities operated by Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. Besides, there are recreational facilities belonging to various public institutions and foundations. Restaurant, bar and swimming pool is available at the accommodation facilities.

Erciyes Grand Eras Otel (****)
Tel : +90.352 342 21 28 (10 hat)
Fax : +90.352 342 21 39

Dedeman Otel (***)
Erciyes Mountain, Tekir Highland - Kayseri
Tel : +90.352 342 21 11 (5 hat)
Fax : +90.352 342 20 02

Ace Otel (*)
Tel : +90.352 342 20 53
Fax : +90.352 342 20 56

Directorate of Youth and Sports Erciyes Mountain and Skiing House
Erciyes Tekir Highland - Kayseri
Tel : +90.352 342 20 31
Fax :+90.352 342 20 32