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[Winter Sports]

AKSARAY Hasan Mountain      

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Skiing area is located in Kargin Village of Aksaray, which is 30 km far from Aksaray. The very best time for skiing is December 20th – April 20th. Excursions to Cappadocia and Ihlara valley can be made, as well as mountain climbing, trekking, skiing, paragliding and walking. There are residential places, bar, restaurant and skiing equipment for rent in Hasan Mountain Ski Center, which is located at 2000 m. height.

Hasan Mountain Ski Center is 220 km from Ankara, 250 km from Adana and 140 km from Konya and located in the middle of Anatolia. Its distance from Cappadocia Region (Nevsehir) is only 70 kilometers. The Ski Center is only 20 km far from the famous Ihlara Valley.