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ANTALYA Saklıkent Ski Center      

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It is on Beydaglari on the west of Antalya in Mediterranean Region. It is km far from - Antalya city center. Last 7 – 8 kilometers of the road is gravel and the rest is asphalt. Access is available by private vehicle, tour bus and taxi. It can be reached with 1 – 1,5 hours. Saklikent highland, which is reached through a road with wonderful view passing between pine trees 11 km after Antalya exit, is placed on the borders of a tree growing zone. Kar Cukuru, Fesikan, Yazır highlands, which are located around Saklikent highland and roads of which is closed in winter due to heavy snow, are places worth sightseeing. There are long walk paths between highlands.

Skiing area in the ski center, present in Bakirli Mountain with 2.747 m height, is between 2.400 – 2000 m. Snow thickness in skiing season is about 50 – 100 cm. Dominant climate is Mediterranean climate. Skiing season is 2 – 3 months depending on snowfall. Skiing season is quite short due to the climate. However, it is one of the rare places, at which two seasons occur one day.

There two chair lifts of 600 and 800 meters with capacity of 240 persons / hour and 340 persons / hour in the Ski Center. It has 3 kilometers total ski run with different difficulty levels.

Two ski runs are beginner and intermediate difficulty levels.

Hotel, pension, restaurant, cafeteria and country cafes are present in the Ski Center. Since Saklikent Ski Center is very close to the most important tourism centers of Turkey, it is possible to stay in resorts here, and perform daily travels.

Saklikent Ski Resort (***)
Tel +90.242.446 11 36
Fax +90.242.312 30 34