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[Winter Sports]

BOLU Kartalkaya Ski Center      

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Kartalkaya ski center is on Koroglu Mountains on southeast of Bolu city center in Western Black Sea Region. It is 54 km far from Bolu city center and 28 km from Ankara – Istanbul highway. Access from the city center to the ski center takes 45 minutes. There are public coaches and minibuses. Also, many of the hotels organize services for their customers. Distance between Ankara –Esenboga Airport and Bolu is 220 km by highway and distance between Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Bolu is 275 kilometers by highway.

Skiing area is on 1850 – 2200 meter height zone. The region has a semi – temperate climate. Kartalkaya Ski center and surrounding areas are covered with forest. Dominant wind direction is west – northwest.

It has a skiing period of 120 days / year. The very best time for skiing is between December 20th - March 20th. Three meters snowfall is seen in normal winter conditions. It shows powder snow characteristics at the beginning of the season and wet snow characteristics at the end of it.

It has got very suitable conditions for Alp skiing, Cross-Country and Tour Skiing.

There are 12 ski runs in the resort. Total length in 12 runs is about 20 kilometers. These are Yesil Lift (Chairlift - 700 m), Camcukuru Lift (Chairlift - 650 m), Inekcayiri 1-2 (Ski-Lift - 900 m), Resuldede 1-2 (Ski-Lift - 600 m), Kazankaya (Ski-Lift - 650 m), Koroğlu Lift (Ski-Lift - 1200 m) and 2 Baby-Lift.

There are 11 mechanical facilities total as 2 chair lifts, 6 platter lifts and 3 baby lifts. Total carriage capacity of the mechanical facilities is 6000 persons per hour.

There are certified ski instructors for the ones willing to take skiing courses.

The ones, who do not want to take their equipment with them, can rent these equipment here.

Note: You should not go outside the marked ski runs in foggy weather.
There are three large accommodation resorts in Kartalkaya. There is restaurant, swimming pool, disco – bar, and game saloons in the hotels. Every hotel has its own first aid and health staff.

Ski instructors and skiing equipment can be procured here. Also, there is a café – bar in the resort.

There are pensions and hotels open in summer, as well as accommodation facilities near the ski centers. There are service units in hotels and cottages such as restaurant, swimming pool, disco – bar – game saloon.

Dorukkaya Ski& Mountain Resort (****)
Kartalkaya Mevkii-Bolu
Tel : +90.374.234 50 26
Fax : +90.374.234 50 25

Grand Kartal (***)
Kartalkaya Mevkii-Bolu
Tel : +90.374.234 50 50
Fax : +90.374.234 50 47

Kartal Otel (Oberj)
Kartalkaya Mevkii-Bolu
Tel : +90.374.234 50 05
Fax : +90.374.234 50 04