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[Winter Sports]


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Anatolia, which is on the middle latitude zone in Northern hemisphere, is a peninsula, surrounded by both mountains and seas on three sides and average altitude of which is about a thousand meters. There is Northern Anatolia Mountain Range (2587 – 3932 m) on the north and Taurus Mountains (3086 – 4136 m) on the south. There are several volcanic mountains on specific places such as Erciyes Mountain (3917 m) on Central Anatolia Plateau and Great Agri Mountain (5165 m) on Eastern Anatolia Plateau. These places, which have green forests on their hillsides, are quite suitable for “Mountaineering”, “Winter tourism”, “Mountain and Winter Sports” and “Tour Skiing”.

These high mountains are covered by white snow that can be 3 meters from time to time. Especially in Eastern Anatolia, many of these places keep this blanket of snow for months. There are places here that you can ski on a quite quality snow with a pleasant slope for hours without seeing even a small obstacle.

According to some sources, ski equipment, which was known as “Cana” by old Turks, was used to walk on snow around Lake Baykal in 4000 B.C. Ski, which reached to Scandinavian countries by migrations, became widespread in Europe after 18th century.

Skiing equipment was produced at a carpenter’s workshop in Halic in 1914 for the first time in Turkey, this equipment was transported to Erzurum in order to train skier soldiers in Caucasian front and 30 skiers were trained in courses organized there.

A group of teachers from Galatasaray High School skied on Uludag for the first time on January 1st, 1933 and they became the pioneers of this sport in Turkey. After this date, mountaineering and winter sports in Turkey stepped into an improvement progress. Turkey is an important center for winter tourism with its high mountains, peaks of which have snow both in winter and summer and with ski resorts established on these mountains.

Turkey, which has extremely attractive and charming natural beauties, calls nature addicts, who love mountains and skiing, for having a closer look and experiencing Turkey – specific characteristics and beauties of winter.