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Bolkar Mountains

Bolkar Mountains, composing the extension of the Alps in Turkey, connect to Zaganos Mountains in Iran after they begin in Resadiye in the southwest and lie in parallel with the south coast of Turkey.

There are many peaks over 3000 meters at Bolkar Mountains. Of them, Medeksiz (3524 meters) is the highest one. Meydan is a very good camping ground for those who want to see Bolkar Mountains. Karagol (2650 meters), situated on the southwest and at an approximately 45-minute distance to Meydan, is a very good camping ground and if gone in June, it is seen that the lake is surrounded by flowers, most of which are in yellow colors. Moreover, you will have a chance to trip toward the past unchanged for thousands of years among nomadic yoruks whose roots are in Central Asia.


3524 meters


It is an extension of the Central Taurus Mountains between the provinces Mersin and Nigde.

Climbing Time

The best time for summer climbing is between 15 May and 15 August, and the best time for winter climbing is between the end of December, early January, late February and early March.


Curves composed of limestone rocks are covered with snow in patches in summer season. It has a wide variety of forests, mountain meadows and plants.


In order to climb to Medeksiz, the highest peak, Ulukisla - Ciftehan or Pozanti – Camalan is accessed from Ankara- Adana highway.


For climbing to Medeksiz Peak, the village Maden should be reached via Ciftehan. It is possible to go by off-road vehicles from the village Meydan to Meydan Plateau in summer months. It is also a camping ground. If the departure is realized via Camalan, Elmalipinari is reached by car. Every climber can prefer an ascent route fitting him for tours and climbing from here.