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Mount Nemrut

There are two mountains, both of which are named Mount Nemrut and both of which are so famous in Turkey. Mount Nemrut is famous in terms of history and archeology and Mount Nemrut in Tatvan is famous for geological formations worldwide.


3050 meters


The mountain in the borders of the province Bitlis is located on the southwest of Lake Van. Tatvan is on the southeast of Mount Nemrut and the town Ahlat is on the north of the mountain.

Climbing Time

June, July, August and September are best months for climbing.


The foot and lower parts of the mountain are composed of basalt layers, the central parts are composed of andesyte and tracit and the upper parts are composed of volcanic layers. It is on the southeast point of volcanic series in Eastern Anatolia and it is the youngest volcanoes of the series.


Climbing to Mount Nemrut starts at Tatvan. Access to the area is easy after Van Airport.


The south or the southeast edge of the mountain crater is reached after an approximately 4-5-hour hike. It is possible to view the caldera of Mount Nemrut famous worldwide and having a fascinating scenery from here. The region is reached by off-road vehicles.