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Kackar Mountain Range

The highest peaks of Kackar Mountain Ranges, having an appearance of a natural park with its sharp glaciers observed throughout the year between Rize and Hopa, deep blue lakes, forests consisting each tone of green, wild rivers, numerous plant and animal species, are Altiparmak (3480 meters), Kavran (2932 meters) and Vercenik (3710 meters).

Hundreds of climbers visit Kackar Mountains, to which climbing is easy from the south route, every year. If it is not foggy, you can view the fascinating scenery of the mountains in the East Black Sea Region. Experienced climbers generally prefer the north route. Another advantage of peak climbing from the north is the opportunity to tour thermal springs in Ayder Plateau when you return back.

The easier climbing to the mountain, the harder it is to climb in winter months. In winter months, snow stuffs valleys and cover plateaus and houses disappear. The slopes of the glaciers are suitable for avalanches.


3932 meters


It lies in parallel with Rize-Hopa coasts in the East Black Sea Region.

Climbing Time

The best time for summer climbing is August and September;
And the best time for winter climbing is February and March.


It has a structure generally composed of granite, syanite, granodiorite and andesite stones. It has a rough and uneven appearance as a result of wild rivers and glacier erosion. The north slopes of these mountains beginning to get higher on the coastline are covered with dense forest coverings. Kackar Mountains lie as three sections from the west toward the east. In the west, there is Vercenik, in the center there is Kavran and in the east there is Altiparmak Mountains.


The easiest access to Kackar Mountains is in the north direction. You go to Camlihemsin via Trabzon-Rize and Ardesen for this direction. This road is at a length of 75 kilometers. It is possible to accommodate in Ayder Plateau in order to hike in the direction of Kackar peak. The foot of the Kackar peak is reached through “Lower Kavron-Upper Kavron” from here. Vercenik, another important peak of Kackar Mountains, is reached via Cat and Bashemsin.

Climbing to Kavran Peaks (From the north)

Last preparations for climbing are done in Ayder. It is possible to go to Upper Kavran and Lower Kavran by a car if wished. It lasts 1,5 hour to walk from Lower Kavran and Upper Kavran. Bogacayiri (Okuzcayiri) site at a height of 2900 meters is reached after a 2-hour hike from Upper Kavran and camped. Various climbing can be realized from camping grounds to the peaks of Kackar Mountains. The highest peak, Kackar (Kavran) (3932 meters) mounts on the south of camping grounds. The peak is reached after a 7-9-hour climbing from the north.

Climbing to Kavran Peaks (From the south)

It is ascended by following the Yusufeli, Barhal, Yaylalar (Hevek), Olgunlar, Meretet routes. Vehicles in the area are available for access to Yusufeli Olgunlar from Erzurum. Also, it is possible to rent a car from Yusufeli whenever wished. Last preparations are made in Yusufeli. The rest lack of catering can be supplied from the village Yaylalar (Hevek). Pension for accommodation in the area are also available. Automobiles can go till the parish Olgunlar. There are also camping grounds to camp in this region. It is also possible to rent pack animals for the carriage of freightage.

The site Dilberduzu, main camping ground, is easily accessible after a 5-hour hike from the village Yaylalar. Peaks to be toured and climbed for a day around the main camping ground are available. The peak of Kackar Mountain is climbed from different routes from the camping ground. The peak is accessed after a 9-10-hour climbing and then the camping ground is reached. You do not need to have a cramp and spud when climbing in August and September. The Kackar Peak is on the north of Dilberduzu, the camping ground. The peak is not visible from the camping ground. In order to see the peak, it is necessary to climb for 30 minutes to hill on the south and southwest of the camping ground. The camping ground is at a height of 3000 meters. Accessing from both routes is possible. You can go to Altiparmak Mountains from the southern route.