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among the provinces of Kayseri, Nigde and Adana, is rich in terms of flora and fauna variety. Because of this, some part of the mountain is accepted as a National Park.

There are three peaks at a height of over 3700 meters and many peaks over 3000 meters for climbing in Aladaglar. There are also many lakes at the mountain. A large number of lakes are formed as result of melting snow in spring but some of them evaporate and disappear in dry summer season. Only a few lakes nourished by underground water sources remain.


3756 meters


They are the highest peaks of the curves of the Taurus Mountains (Central Taurus) in the borders of the province Nigde.

Climbing Time

The best time is in June, July, August and September.


It is composed of limestone rocks. There is not a forested area outside the valleys Emli and Barasama. Alpine vegetation in the area has been developed.

Access and Accommodation

There are three primary ways to access Aladaglar Mountains.
From the West Direction: The villages Cukurbag or Demirkazik are reached from Nigde within 1,5 hours. A chalet providing all hotel services is available here.
From the South Direction: Karsanti from Adana and Aciman or Trak plateaus from here is reached.
From the North and Northeast Direction: Yahyali from Kayseri and the villages Barazama or Buyuk Cakir (Selale) from here are reached.


Normal Camping Equipment, Rope, Safety Materials (Carabine, Spud, Climbing Tape, etc) and Personal Supplies.

Climbing to Demirkazik

For climbing to Demirkazik (3756 meters), the highest peak in Aladaglar, Sokulupinar, reached after a 1-5-hour hiking from the village Cukurbag, is chosen as a camping ground. Ascending to the peak and returning normally last between 10-12 hours. Those that will make a number of ascents at Aladaglar Mountains should determine the valley Yedigoller as the camping ground. It is a 10-12 hour hike from the village Cukurbag to the valley Yedigoller. Emler Peak (3723 m), Kizilkaya (3723 m) and Direktas (3470 m) from Yedigoller are reached via many ascending routes. A 100-bedded, new and modern chalet built by a private management is available in the village Demirkazik. Besides catering and bathing facilities, a library and resting rooms are available here. It is possible to reach the peaks of Demirkazik and Lesser Demirkazik (3425 m) by departing from this chalet. It is possible to reach the valley Emli after a 1,5-2 hour hike departing from the village Cukurbag. You can climb to Kaldi (3734 m), Guzeller (3461 m) Alaca (3588 m) Peaks from here.