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Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat: Mount Ararat, the highest mountain of Turkey, is a mountain having a legendary characteristic because of its geologic location and hosting Noah’s Ark after the Great Flood. Mount Ararat, mentioned in Holy Scriptures, has several names in different languages. The main ones are Ararat, Kuh - i Nuh and Cebel ul Haristir.


5165 meters


It is near the border of Iran in the Eastern Anatolia (between the rivers Aras and Murat).

Climbing Time

The best time for climbing is July, August and September. Winter climbing is very difficult but enjoying.


Mount Ararat (5165 meters) is the highest peak in Anatolian Peninsula and Europe. It shows characteristics of a volcanic mountain composed of basalt till 4000 meters and andesite lava above that. There is a covering glacier at the summit. Serdarbulak Plateau and Kucuk (Little) Ararat at a height of 3896 meters are situated on the eastern facade. Mount Ararat has an interesting and attractive appearance with its height, glaciers, people, different structural formations and pastures till the snow line and mountain meadows.

Access and Accommodation

Regular air, rail and highway connections between Ankara and Erzurum are available. The closest center to the mountain is Dogubeyazit. It is easy to reach here from Mount Ararat and Erzurum. Accommodation facilities and restaurants are available in the city and in its neighborhood.


Crampons, Rope (11 mm.), Ice Pick, Safety Materials (Climbing Tape, Ice Screw etc.)

Summer Ascents

Sleeping bags resistant (to temperatures of -5, -10 ºC), windcheater, wind jacket, other camping equipment and necessary supplies.
It is necessary for climbers begin the journey from the following points in climbing to Mount Ararat and Little Ararat, subjected to permission.
*Ascents of Mount Ararat are only carried out only from the facade of the mountain within the borders of Dogubeyazit provided that the Dogubeyazit - Topcatan village - Eli Ciftligi route is taken.
* Ascents up Little Ararat are only realized from the northwest route. The easiest and the most common route in terms of communication and accessibility, safety and climbing is the southern route.
* Climbers staying at Dogubeyazit finish their final preparations for climbing here and reach the village Eli by car. When water is supplied here, the first campsite at a height of 2800 meters is reached after a 7-8-hour hike and the night is spent here. On the second day, the next camping ground approximately at a height of 4200 meters is reached after a 4-6 hour climbing. It is mandatory for climbers have crampons, rope and ice spud with them for peak climbing. The peak is reached after an 8-10 hour climbing and climbers return to the first campsite at a height of 2800 meters.