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Turkey is located in the volcanic circle extending from the southwest toward the northeast and this area ends in Mount Ararat (5137 meters) having a conical peak nearby the edge of Iran. Airports: Van and Agri.

It is necessary to have a registered guide and military permission to climb to the Mount Ararat; because of this you should negotiate with a professional travel agency. Other mountains in the volcanic circle, Suphan, Nemrut, Erciyes, Hasan etc., are in the 2-day tours supposed to be lower and easy to climb to. It is possible to climb to Suphan and Nemrut Mountains from Van and to Erciyes and Hasan Mountains from Kayseri. A detailed map of the area is not available; therefore climbing should be done with a local guide or an organized group (the last page).

You can access to simple maps and local information sources about these heights in the website Also, you can look at Turkish travel agencies providing trekking guidance.