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Mountains convenient for trekking and climbing and their features are stated below.

Kackar Mountains are located on the north of Turkey. The mountain having a granite geographhy is at a height of 3932 meters. It is possible to see flowers with different attractiveness in the area despite short-term trekking between July and September. The 4-day Kackar route including the access is between Yaylalar and Kavron. Mules are more preferred during traveling. Airports: Erzurum and Trabzon.

Aladaglar (Ala Mountains) is a part of Taurus Mountains. It is on the south center of Turkey. The mountain in the appearance of a metamorphosed limestone and calcer is at a height of 3756 meters. The mountain in the form of deep splits and the effect of calcers throughout the trekking season between June and October is very interesting. Shepherds camp around Yedigoller, accepted as a major plateau in the center. The 7-day Aladaglar route including the transportation reaches to Aciman Plateau in the south from Kamardi. Airports: Kayseri and Adana. Trekking has not much flourished and been mapped among other high areas. Mount Cilo and Monzur Mountains are among these areas.