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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Enjoy advancing through an excellent landscape while giving your energy to the river!

Test your power in an adventure full of excitement and entertainment in the white waters with waterfalls flowing through large rocks, the falls and waves of the Dalaman Brook which is one of the best rafting routes of Turkey!

Dalaman Brook, whose ancient name is Indos, springs from Kocas Mountains near Dirmil in the attractive coast city Mugla in the Mediterranean region and lies between Marmaris and Fethiye. Its total length is 229 km. Increased by the branches from the Goktepe and Yaylacik Mountains of the West Taurus Mountains, the brook flows through a narrow and deep valley and reaches the sea 8 km. south of Ortaca.

Fed with the natural limestone, the brook is always clear, warm and has the colour of turquoise-blue. The water sometimes flowing through passages, forms small waterfalls. Dalaman Brook is near the tourist areas of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, so it attracts local and foreign tourists and rafting can be done throughout the year.

How to Go?

You can reach Mugla easily by air, which is one of the leading tourism regions of Turkey. There are several regular flights from the Istanbul and Ankara airports every day. The rafting places can be reached from the areas of Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Turunc and the Dalaman airport. The starting point is reached by the asphalt road after the Beyobasi junction in the middle of Köycegiz – Ortaca for 18 km., by the stabilized road for 36 km.

The Courses

Dalaman Brook, which has the temperament of the Mediterranean nature, is formed of 2 courses. The lower course has the hardship degree of 3 – 4. It starts at the Akkopru in the village of Demirli and ends at Arpacik, after a 12 km. long passage. The hardship degree of the upper branch is 3 – 4 – 5 and it is one of the favourite courses of the rafting addicts.

When to Raft / The Most Suitable Time for Rafting / The Rafting Season

The rafting season begins in May and continues to the end of October. The water level of the brook increases especially in September and October. Rafting is possible in the lower course from May to the end of November.

Natural and Historical Beauties / Add History and Natural Beauty to Adrenalin

The king tombs, Dalyan Canal, Iztuzu beach, Koycegiz Lake, Ekincik Bay, mud bath, Sandras Mountain, Gocek Bays and Gokova Gulf are the places where the nature and history mingle.

Where to Stay?

You can accommodate in the kind of place that you want, since it is close to the tourist regions. In the most luxurious hotels, bungalows within the natural life and pensions, you can recover your energy that you used up while rowing, fighting with the waves.


The temperature is around 25 – 30 degree between May and September, 15 – 20 degree in September and October. Mugla and its surroundings are geographically in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions; the Aegean climate is seen in the part west of Dalaman brook and Mediterranean climate is seen in the part east of the brook. Due to this fact, the summers are hot and dry; the winters are highly rainy and mild. It is possible to swim in every month of the year in the parts within the Mediterranean region, especially in Fethiye and its surroundings.