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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Walk through the Water in the Nature!

Emerging from the eastern slopes of the West Taurus Mountains, Manavgat Brook of 90 km. length, before entering the plain, passes over hard conglomerated strata, forms the Manavgat waterfall and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. In the spring, Manavgat Brook running clear and being fed by underground springs in the canyons it passes through; presents an exclusive and close to nature adventure to the tourists who came to the Mediterranean coasts for holiday.

How to Go?

The start point of the rafting in Manavgat Brook can be reached by taking the Manavgat - Alanya highway to the east for 10 km. and then turning north towards Akseki. The Sahap Bridge is reached four km. before Akseki at the 11. km, after turning towards Ibradi. This is the starting point for rafting.

The Course

The flow of the water is important for the starting point in Manavgat Brook. In the months when the flow of the water is convenient, the starting point can be near Sahap Bridge near Ibradi. Manavgat Brook has courses difficult to pass. Rafting can be done with professional sportsmen and tour guides. Rafting is continued through steep and impenetrable canyons for 19 km. between Sahap Bridge and the village of Sevinc.

The flow of the river in the first canyon between Sahap Bridge and Altinbesik Cave is increased by the underground springs called "Yedipinar" 500 m. before the canyon and the overflowing water drags the sportsmen to an adventure that they will enjoy. Those who do not wish to enter the second canyon can disembark near the Altinbesik cave. From here, it is possible to reach the village of Urunlu in the west and the village of Mentesbey in the east by following the paths.

2. Canyon
The second canyon is accessible from Altinbesik cave. Banked by impregnable cliffs, this canyon stretches to the village of Sinanhoca. The riverbed widens at the end of the canyon. The adventurers can take a rest near this village. The waterfalls prior to the village of Sinanhoca, located towards the end of the second canyon are amazing. The water flows under and on both sides of a huge rock. This part should be passed through the coast.

3. Canyon
The third canyon is accessible after the village of Altinbesik. The canyon is left near the village of Sevinc after passing a few waterfalls and the course on the Manavgat Brook is completed.
This course runs through three canyons and involves passing through smaller and bigger class 3 – 4 – 5 waterfalls. When the sound of the waterfalls is heard, you should draw closer to the coast and continue the course from the available passage. During these passages, because the flow of the Manavgat Brook sometimes slows down, you can have an opportunity to observe the surroundings. When traveling through the canyons, you can experience moments when it is impossible to see the sun, even at noon. At the rests, the beauty of the nature and the joining of the welding water in the canyons to the brook will be unmemorable.

When to Raft

Rafting can be done during the whole summer beginning from May.

Where to Stay?

There are accommodation facilities in different kinds around Antalya, Manavgat. You can either accommodate in a hotel or in a pension. If you want to spend the whole rafting day in the nature, if you can not leave the nature; to camp in the convenient points along the river should be your ideal choice!


The temperatures are around 30 degree with the start of the summer. Manavgat has the Mediterranean climate, but it is calmer in comparison to the districts around it, thanks to its waterfalls and dams.