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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Rafting in the Secret Valley of the Roman Empire

Emerging from the Taurus Mountains and flowing through a number of canyons, wonders of nature; Koprucay flows into the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Serik. Koprucay fed by underground springs in canyons which are steep and almost impassable, constitutes one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural recreation areas. The numerous archaeological sites like the ancient city of Selge (Zerk) on the highland to the east of the river, the fortresses on the banks of the river, water arches, Roman bridges and historical roads have reached to today from the history of Koprulu Canyon.

How to Go?

The transportation to Antalya by air is very easy. All the major bus companies of Turkey travel here. Koprucay is reached from Antalya via Serik and then Tasagil and Beskonak. Beskonak is reached from Manavgat via Tasagil.

The Course

On the side about 100 m. below the Oluk Bridge, there is place in which the water is still and which is a good spot to start. It can be reached by going against the current. The professionals can start the course either from the waterfall near the start point or from the Oluk Bridge, turning around further.

The course continues after the waterfall right below the start point and its hardship degree is 2-3. The waterfalls encountered often along the course add excitement to the course besides its beautiful panorama. After a journey of about 10 km., a concrete bridge is reached ahead of Beskonak. The amateur sportsmen should complete the course right before the concrete bridge. However, the professional sportsmen can continue into the first canyon after the concrete bridge. The second canyon is strictly off limits. The river in this canyon runs under the rocks in some places and emerges again a little further. After the end of the first canyon, which is about 3 km. long, the left bank leads to the asphalt road.

The Most Suitable Time for Rafting

The rafting season in Koprucay River continues from May to September

To Get Lost in the Koprulu Canyon!

Koprulu Canyon National Park covers 36,000 hectares, including part of Koprucay and the ancient city of Selge. As Turkey’s largest forest of Mediterranean Cypress, the National Park is also rich in wild life with red pine, black pine, cedar, fir, oak and wild olive trees. There are fallow deer, wild goat, wild boar, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit and various bird species. There are red speckled trout in the upper parts of Koprucay and grey mullet in other parts.

Koprucay basin is in Antalya province, the tourism center of Turkey, where the natural, historical and archaeological values of Turkey concentrate mostly. People preferring Koprucay for rafting have the opportunity to see other wonders in the region. Jeep safari and nature trekking can be made in Koprucay during the whole summer. The ancient city of Selge nearby Koprucay is reached via the amazing Roman Oluk Bridge over the river through a road of 12 km. long. The theatre, agora, Zeus and Artemis temples, cisterns, water arch, the Oluk and Bugrum Bridges over the Koprucay River and historical stone-covered road that connects Selge to the Pamphlia coast cities of the Selge city founded in 5th hundred B.C. are the striking examples of the city relics.

Among several historical and cultural values in the nearby surroundings, especially Karain Cave, ancient cities like Aspendos, Perge, Faselis, Termessos and Kursunlu and Dudenbasi Waterfalls can be counted. The caves of Papaz Kayasi, Geyikbayiri, Kuçukdibsiz, Buyukdibsiz, Peynirdeligi which have extraordinary morphological formation can be visited in the period remaining from rafting.

Where to Stay?

It is possible to accommodate in several hotels and pensions in Antalya and its surroundings. You can camp in several places alongside the river.


The temperature is around 35 degree in the rafting season. The annual average temperature is 18.7 degree in Antalya. Two kinds of climate prevail in Antalya: The first one is the typical Mediterranean climate in the coastal region; the second one is in the upper region, the continental climate constituting a passage between the Mediterranean climate and Central Anatolian climate. The region is a heaven for the visitors coming from countries of cold climate…