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[Canoe and Rafting]


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It is a great pleasure to challenge the waves in the heart of the river, to mobilize as a team in every rapid and to move the boat to the still waters... Your body may have not ever secreted so much adrenalin...

Firtina River, one of the rivers in the East Black Sea, is formed by a number of streams on the Black Sea side of the Kackar Mountains. Firtina River has a length of 57 km and flows into the Black Sea about 2 km west of Ardesen district in Rize. Firtina River flowing through the tea plantations and embroidered with arched bridges on it among the miraculous green of the Black Sea, is one of the top choices of the excitement addicts in the world.

How to Go?

Rize lies right on the east of Trabzon in the East Black Sea Region of Turkey. From the Trabzon airport, Ardesen district of Rize is reached by road after about 100 km. The district of Camlihemsin is reached at the 22nd km. by following the road that leads to the south after Rize -Ardesen road.

The Course

The course can begin 1 km. south of Camlihemsin. Attention should be paid to the large rocks at 5th km. The water should be well examined, because there are dangerous passages at 7th km, 8th km and 9th km. Duygulu Waterfall, which is on the western slope at 12 km., is another beauty for the region. It is possible to complete the course at any convenient point before Firtina River reaches the Black Sea. The 23 km. long course is very rocky, rating a hardship degree of 3 – 4 – 5 in places, depending on the flow of the water. Extra caution should be paid in the heavy rains. Firtina River is suitable for river sports all year round.

The Most Suitable Time for Rafting

Rize province is the region which gets most rain in Turkey. The months of May and June are the most preferred period for rafting, depending on the rains.

A Valley Painted with Green: Firtina Valley

The people coming for the river sports in Firtina River in Rize province, which has a wonderful natural beauty adorned with the nicest colours of green; also visit the historical, cultural and natural beauties in the nearby surroundings. Firtina Valley is among the places that should be protected, selected by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The plateaus which have rich flora and local plateau culture with its entire authenticity embrace you with the sympathetic and nice people as you climb from Firtina Valley to the Kackar Mountains. Ayder Plateau which is known for its waterfall and world-renowned spa, Asagi and Yukari Kavron, Elevit and Trovit plateaus are the plateaus that are mostly visited by the tourists. This region is also one of the main routes of the climbers who want to climb to the Kackar Mountains.

Zilkale, 12 km. south of Camlihemsin looks at you through the forest with 8 bastions surrounded with 400 m. and one watchtower on a rocky field above a high hill.


The temperatures are around 25 – 30 degree in the rafting season. The humidity rate is high. Rain is expected at any moment in the region.

Where to Stay?

Our advice for you is to camp in a nearby place to the water, so that you can hear it in Firtina River as in all rafting rivers in Turkey. If you are in a tour arranged by a travel agency, you can accommodate in the pensions within the valley, in the hotels in the Ayder Plateau. Ardesen, a coast city, will host you with a lot of hotel comforts and delicious sea food.

You should try Mihlama, a traditional dish of the region, in Kalegon restaurant in Ayder Plateau! Tel: +90 464 752 42 23