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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Altiparmak (Barhal) Brook within the borders of Artvin province, springs from the south slopes of the Kackar Mountains and joins Coruh river 2 km. south of Yusufeli after covering 40 km. Altiparmak river is available for canoeing and rafting, flowing through a strikingly nice and amazing valley surrounded with high mountains. The flow of the water is high until September, because of the fact that the snow on the mountains melts during the whole summer. The valley has a very rich beauty in wild life.

Natural Beauties
The district of Deftise of the Sarigol town situated about 19 km. beyond Yusufeli, attracts attention with its houses built in the authentic architectural style of the Black Sea region. These houses are surrounded with green forests. The misty summit of the Kackar Mountains with this residential place situated at the foot of the mountains is among the places that are worth to see. The villages along the Altiparmak Brook, the fruit gardens situated at the sides of the curves drawn by the river along the valley, the misty panorama on the summits of the mountains are of unique beauty. The most magnificent fortress along the valley is the Bahceli fortress, which lies on a high rock after crossing Yusufeli.

There are a lot of fortresses, churches, bathhouses and ruins of underground cellars in Yusufeli and surroundings. Especially Dort Kilise, Ishan Church, Barhal Church and Demirkent Church are interesting.

Climb to the Kackar Mountains from here!
Yusufeli district is a transition point for the people who came for nature trekking and climbing to the Kackar Mountains. The sportsmen generally spending their first days in Yusufeli and after shopping, climb to the Kackar Mountains. The period between July and October is the most convenient time period for the sports of nature trekking and climbing.

The village of Altiparmak (Barhal) situated 12 km. beyond Sarigol town is one of the main campsites on the climb up to Kackar Mountain. There are accommodation and eating-drinking opportunities in the village. Yaylalar village is reached by a stabilised road, 24 km. beyond Altiparmak village. “Artvin Kackar Tourism Center” lies on the west of Yaylalar village, which involves a part of Kackar Mountains.

How to Go?

The basin of the Altiparmak Brook can be reached by Yusufeli via Artvin or Erzurum. Although the visitors can not directly reach Artvin by air, they can fly to Erzurum or Trabzon airports and then travel to Artvin by road.

The closest airports to the centre of Artvin are in the cities of Erzurum (203 km.) and Trabzon (234 km.).

The Course

The most convenient place for the starting point of the rafting, canoeing and kayaking on Altiparmak Brook is the district of Deftise on the north of Sarigol. The length of the course between the start point and Altiparmak brook’s junction with Coruh River is approximately 22 km. The riverbed is rocky along the course with class 3 – 4, the excitement especially climax in the periods when the flow of the water is low.

After Deftise is left, the town of Sarigol is reached which is 1.5 km. further. Three km. from Sarigol, a historical fortress lies on the rocks. The Bahceli fortress on the rocks attracts attention which is on the right side before reaching Yusufeli, after crossing the concrete bridge near the junction of Ogdem creek and the Altiparmak brook. The course can be completed either in Yusufeli or before the Altiparmak brook joins the Coruh River.

Rafting Season

The most suitable time for rafting and canoeing is between the months of May and August.


The air temperature is usually 25-30 degrees. The weather was sunny and clear, but in the short rains expected.

Where to Stay?

We suggest that you camp to relax the exhaustion of your muscles by cooking fresh fish with your own hands in the camp fire that you had lit and a hot coffee that you will sip, because the river ornaments the valley and the green that it flows through so nice. Moreover, the shining of the stars on the sky and the stroking rustles of the trees accompanying you will rest your soul!

You can spend a comfortable night in the hotels and pensions in the city center, as the river is close to Artvin province.