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Coruh invites you to the nature!!!

The water drifts you so nice that when you go up to rocks and go into the waters again, your screams will mix to each other!

Coruh River and Artvin

Artvin is an authentic tourism city involving several tourism values like the Coruh River dividing the city into two, its long valleys with steep slopes, high mountains lined up alternately up to 3900 m., natural virgin forests, crater lakes at the summits of the high mountains, Kara lakes, green plateaus, richness in fauna and flora, historical church, fortresses and arch bridges, traditional architecture and festivals.

Coruh is one of the few rafting rivers of Turkey and the world. This overflowing, wild and unhindered power flowing for thousand of years from the heart of the Kackar Mountains through the valleys, canyons which have unique beauty, invites you to a memorable river adventure under the observance of the hills where historical fortresses are located.

Coruh River springing from the Mescit Mountains of which the altitude is 3225 m., flows into the Black Sea within the borders of Georgia after covering 466 km. Coruh River is accepted as one of the best rafting and canoeing rivers of the world by the local and foreign sportsmen who are involved in river sports like rafting, canoeing and river kayaking and a great number of sportsmen are coming to this valley every year from several countries in the world.

How to go?

You can go to Artvin by road, by sea and by air according to your preference.

Artvin can be reached by road from every place of Turkey. Especially, a travel of unique beauty can be made by going through the seaside road beginning from Samsun, by taking the Black Sea to your left and the mountains to your right, along the coast by stopping by the fishing ports, seaside restaurants and the Black Sea villages and plateaus close to the coast.

Although the visitors can not directly reach Artvin by air, they can fly to Erzurum or Trabzon airports and then travel to Artvin by road.

The closest airports to the centre of Artvin are in the cities of Erzurum (203 km.) and Trabzon (234 km.).

The travel agencies have package tours involving transportation to the region, accommodation and expedition.

The Courses

In the part which is 260 km. length starting from Bayburt, following Ispir and Yusufeli to Artvin; rafting can be done in 4 different sections.

Bayburt-Ispir Course 0–106 km

When Dikmetas Bridge is reached by following the Coruh River from Bayburt, the course can start here and there are camping places available on each side of the bridge. The second camping place can be Aslandede or Laleli. The course between Bayburt -Ispir is rated as the hardship degree of 2–3. This course can be completed approximately in 3 days. Right before Ispir (approximately 3 km.), there is the opportunity to camp at the left side.

Ispir-Camlikaya Course 106–134 km

The course between Ispir-Camlikaya has a hardship degree of 3–4–5. At the 28th km., before arriving at the road which goes to Camlikaya, you can camp at the left side of the river. Food can be provided from Camlikaya (4 km. distant from the junction).

Camlikaya-Tekkale Course 134–178 km

When Coruh is followed beginning from Camlikaya; the rice fields, vegetable and fruit gardens are the spectacles to be encountered mostly. After passing Koprugoren village at the 48th km., you can reach Alanbasi village at the 54th km. Before coming to Alanbasi village, you can camp right beside the brook at the left side which will join Coruh. It is possible to follow closely by car. After the concrete bridge, the hardship degree is 3-4-5 in this course; you should pay attention to the rocky places. Before Cevreli village, a historical watchtower is interesting. Right after passing the concrete bridge at 65th km. from the right side, there is the opportunity to camp at the garden of the primary school within Cevreli village or in Tekkale village which is 7 km. further. You can go for a walk to the historical Dortkilise with the local guides provided from Tekkale. You can catch trout in the brook next to the church.

Tekkale-Artvin Course 178–261 km (5.9)

The hardship degree of the King – Kong Passage is 5.9

When the course is followed from Tekkale, Yusufeli will be reached after 6 km. There is the opportunity of accommodation and eating-drinking in Yusufeli. Altiparmak (Barhal) brook is one of the major branches of Coruh and joins Coruh in Yusufeli region. The hardship degree is 3-4-5 in this part in which the water flow increases more. At the junction of the Artvin-Erzurum highway, 9 km. further from Yusufeli; Oltu brook joins Coruh at the back side of the concrete bridge. At the 22 km. further from Yusufeli, Coruh becomes wild during the months when the flow rate and flow of the water is high. This 100 meter part of the course which also has large and sharp-edged rocks is called 'King - Kong' to indicate the difficulty. It is only possible to pass this part which has the hardship degree of 5.9 in the months when the water of Coruh decreases. There is a place available for camping at the 33rd km. before Zeytincik village and you can shop from the village. At the 43rd km. you go into a narrow canyon. The hardship degree of the course is 3-4 in the canyon of approximately 3 km. length. The course can be completed at the filling station where Oruclu village is founded at the 57th km. by pulling the boats on the shore. There are the services of eating, drinking and accommodation in the filling station. Artvin is 20 km. further from Oruclu village and the hardship degree is 1 – 2. Some groups extend the course right through to Artvin.

When to Raft

The period between May and August is the most ideal time for rafting in Coruh. You can experience your excitement passion to the end of it in Coruh when it is thought to be uncontrolled especially in the second half of the May and June!

Where to Stay?

You will enjoy the Coruh nights of a thousand stars accompanied by experienced guides about camping, in the most beautiful sites of the valley selected specially alongside the river. To camp in Coruh Valley at nights, at which the nature constantly renews itself, is a passion. The rafting camp site in the village of Cevreli in Yusufeli district provides camping service to the tourists who came for rafting. The waves of Coruh which you have fought for hours in the morning, flows beside you accompanying your sleep at night and prepares itself for the next day!

If You Do Not Just Say Rafting!

Cehennem Brook Canyon

The Cehennem Brook Canyon between Artvin – Ardanuc is the known second longest canyon after the Great Canyon in Colorado. Of course, do not attempt to go here without a person who knows the region well.

Plateau Festivals and Bull Fighting

Kafkasor Plateau at the 1200 m. height, at 8 km. east of Artvin city center attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its bull fightings done in June every year besides its natural beauty.


The season average temperatures are generally 25-30 degree and clear, however surprise showers can be expected.

What to Bring?
Sleeping bag, mattress (insulating material of approximately 10 mm. used instead of bed at camp), water bottle, sweater, torch, pocketknife, swimming suit, cap, wool socks, trekking boats, personal toiletry equipment, T-shirts, sunscreen, shorts, plastic or old sneakers (to wear in the raft), small rucksack, long sleeve shirt or sweat shirt, spare pants, rain coat.