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[Canoe and Rafting]


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Are you ready for the invaluable excitement and entertainment among the snow-white foams, through the natural beauties?

Turkey having rich natural resources, offers its visitors a significant river tourism opportunity for rafting. There are hundreds of big and little rivers in Turkey, of which most of them are convenient for the river sports.

The rivers of Turkey offering to the excitement addicts the opportunity of experiencing a lot of adventures together, regarding its geographical conditions and natural flora, awaits for you to discover new places.

Rafting is done in our country during four seasons. Especially, with the spring, the melting snow waters increase the flow of the rivers and flow rate of the water; and it forms ideal courses for rafting with natural obstacles. The flow and feeding regimes of the rivers provides a rafting calendar extending to 12 months of the year; to pass stages which have different levels of hardship at the same river makes the rivers of Turkey one of the leading rafting centers of the world. While passing through the natural water canals of Turkey; the boughs will touch your hair, the waves and rocks will slow you down, but it will speed up your heart beat.

When you go to the south for summer holiday, you can add rafting into your holiday. You can experience rafting in Koprucay and Manavgat Brook in Antalya in the Mediterranean Region which are accompanied by spectacular canyons and waterfalls. Anamur Brook and Goksu Brook in İcel, the neighbouring province right on the east, offer ideal courses for rafting and canoe. On the west side, Dalaman Brook in Mugla flowing through Fethiye and Koycegiz; invites the rafters to a challenging experience.

One of the best rafting rivers, Coruh River is in Artvin province in the East Black Sea Region. The river has become an indispensable passion for the world rafters with its challenging obstacles, its pleasant villages situated through the valley, its wild life and its historical fortresses on the hills. Another significant rafting river in Artvin is Barhal Brook. In Rize, which is the eastern neighbour of Artvin; Fırtına River flowing from the Kackar Mountains and its environment are full of natural beauties. Melen Brook in Duzce province in the middle of İstanbul and Ankara, is available for rafting especially at the beginning of the spring.

Turkey attracts the attention of the tourists with its courses satisfying everyone from the adventure enthusiasts to experienced rafters, from photographers to people who want to experience a minor adventure.

The only thing that you will do in the rivers of Turkey is to maintain the front of the boat in upright position, not to fall over and not to crash into the rocks; while the river is flowing with all its speed. While you are rafting in our rivers; you will look at the valleys, canyons with astonishing eyes, the excitement spreading through your body will combine with fear and courage in the stages which are difficult to pass.

You can find a lot of companies which provide rafting services in Turkey. The rafting tours of the tourism companies are various both in their period and difficulties. You can get information about the standard package tours from the central offices of these tourism companies, which are announced three times a year by these companies. You can also experience rafting excitement in any way and time you want by forwarding your determinations to the companies about the special tour arrangements and date.