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Saros, which is the favorite of the divers because of its closeness to Istanbul, is full of interesting sunken ships. Captain Franko at the exit of Canakkale Strait and Lundy in Saros Gulf, close to Kemikli, at 30 meters of depth are sunken ships which can be dived for. At the strait between 15 meters and 30 meters of depth, all types of new and old sunken ships can be found. Including black coral, the underwater fauna is rather rich. But the flow must be considered.

Gokceada and Bozcaada

There are regular ferries for both of the isle. As there is no diving school in Gokceada, the diving schools in neighboring provinces should be considered. There are sunken ship remains of World War I in Port Kuzu of Gokceada. If a research is done between Mermer Lighthouse and Anatolian Shore, huge anchors and ship ruins may be observed. Around Esek Island, Orfoz and Karayer Isle are diving points where all types of creatures can be seen. Cape Mermer and southern shores of Cape Tuz are suitable for free diving. Port Canak, Bakla Stone and Pinar Stream are other points of Gokceada which are suitable for diving.

There is a diving school in Bozcaada, where many tourism activities take place. The shores of Bozcaada have many diving points ready to be explored.