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There are marvelous diving areas in this region. Around the big and little islets near Kara incir, in depths of 10- 40 meters, sharks, dolphins, Mediterranean Monk Seals and three or four morays in caverns can be seen. Esen Island, which is a small islet connected to Datca marina afterwards, has suitable diving points.


With its 52 diving points and depths where remains of various ancient cities exist, Marmaris includes variety which can satisfy any diver. In Disbogaz, 33 metrede Rodos, Cape Kutuk, Cennet Island, Kadirga Lighthouse, Kargı Island are main diving point at 33 meters. Depth must be considered while having wall diving from the slopes of Cennet Island. The wall is a shelter for beautiful plants and macro life.


Bodrum, which contains one of the few underwater museums of the world, is the window of Turkey in underwater tourism in addition to its other beauties and characteristics.

Orak Island depth in east of Bodrum, is a diving paradise with its caverns, colorful sponges and eastern wall which is higher than 100 meters. The stone formation in shallow water is a different beauty. Orak Island is rich enough to cover all diving day. The 20-30 meters depths of Kargi and Kocek Isle where ancient ruins may be seen contain little and big creatures suitable for macro photography. The reef in depth of 19 meters on the way to Kocek Island is a point to be dived at. When there is no hunting around this reef, you can see every type of creatures. Kocek Island is a diving point where you can see amphora ruins. In Gokova direction, 2 late period iron anchors are welded to the rocks 30 may ahead. Catal Island and opposing shallows, the shores of Gemitasi Garden are interesting diving points. The underwater is very colorful and clear in Bodrum. Diving points called Big and Small Bankos are two important diving points with their varieties of fish.