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Our world wide known tourism resort, which has the most diving schools in Turkey, has various diving alternatives in itself.

The French military transport ship just at the entry of Port Antalya lies at a depth of 20-32 meters. The water, which is generally blurred, is very interesting for sunken ship fans.

Paris sunken ship which lies on sandy depth of 33 meters around Kemer Marina is a sunken ship which every diver wants to visit.

The Internal Isle around Tekirova is a region where several diving types can be realized. In the canyon, which is a rich diving point of the region, huge rays and all types of fish can be observed. Internal Isle is also ideal for cavern diving, too. In August and September, seals can be seen as well as tuna fish herds. These waters are wonderful for macro and night photography. In shore waters, dolphins can be seen any time.


Kalkan waters, which are suitable for advanced divers, are ideal for the ones who want to perform serious divings and keep fit. Flow, harsh wind, wall diving, macro life, sunken ships are the diving wealth of the region. It is worth to see the abilities of suspending of hundreds of tholes and groupers in the flow at 30 depths. Turtles, tunas, rays, sharks are of the sea creatures which can be seen. Kalkan waters are advised to the divers with advanced experience who loves to challenge.

Patara Canyon, are donated with coral and sponge types. The lighthouse wall which goes from 11 meters to 132 meters is pretty alive and colorful. Oksuz Island hosts keler fish of shark family.

B-24 American Fighter Plane Ruins

The ruins, which lays 200 meter away in the sea, around Manavgat district of Antalya belong to the B-24 American fighter plane called “Hadley’s Harem” which moved to its base in Cyprus after completing its bombing mission on Romania in 1944.

In the rescue work done in 1995, the cockpit of the plane had been taken out of water, and then taken to one of the private museums in Istanbul. The work for rescuing the rest of the plane continues. The diving for plane requires special permit.

Uluburun Ancient Sunken

The sunken which lays 60 meters away from the eastern shore of Uluburun which rests in 8.5 km south east of Kas district belongs to a cargo vessel of 14th century B.C. As a result of the diving which began in 1984, the unique load of the ship which nested down to 61 meters depth had been brought to the sunlight. The monuments taken up are exhibited in Bodrum underwater archeology museum.

Gelidonya Ancient Sunken

Gelidonya sunken which lies at the western point of the Antalya gulf belongs to a cargo vessel which sank by crashing into rocks while sailing close to Cape Taslik. The sunken ship, which rests at a depth of 26- 28 meters, was detected to belong to the last periods of 13th century B.C. in the diving performed in 1960. Another characteristic of this sunken is that it is the first underwater digging which had been done according to the standards of land digging and whose digging had been completed.

From the stone anchors found in Galidonya sunken during 1994 research, it was understood that the ship had origins in Middle East. The monuments taken out of the sunken are exhibited in Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum.

French (Society) Sunken

The sunken ship which lies under a buoy 1 km away from Antalya Marina belongs to the French Battleship called “San Didier” which was sunk in 1942 during battle. In the work done in years 1946 and 1974, great part of the load in the ship had been taken out. In the ship which has hospital support ship appearance, there were ammunition and cars which were suitable for desert conditions. The ship was called as “Society Sunken” by the public as the personnel had not wore uniforms for camouflage and the people on the ship had tried to carry their personal belongings with themselves while the fishermen were helping.

The sunken ship, on which there is not much left, is still interesting for the divers. For diving, permission is required from Antalya Governor and Sea Police Branch Office. Another point to consider is that the vessel traffic is much because of the closeness to marina entrance.


The region between Lara and Konyaalti, the two beaches of Antalya, has suitable diving points from land. Cliff formations go deep from 14 meters to 25 meters. The first 20 meters are interesting. One of the places which are preferred for ease of entrance is the below part of the variant going to the Konyaalti beach. In this region, rocky part goes down to 25 meters and lets the cliffs and the sea life to be seen.

Sican Island

This little island, which is a few kilometers away from Port Antalya is another region drawing the attention of divers. The western shore is shallow (maximum 8 meters), the deep structure is generally sandy. The most interesting part is north east section and rocky deep structure goes down to 22 meters. It is a nice surprise for the divers to have a little cavern at east. Although the boreas blowing from west does not form waves, causes strong surface flows with respect to wind strength. It has dense vessel traffic as it is the focus of attention for the ones on daily boat trip.

Kas Sunken Plane

The three propeller Italian fighter which had sunk around Meis island during Second World War because of a reason still unknown, begins to be seen at 57 meters, the tail and the other metal parts go to 70 meters deep. There are ammunitions around the ruins which had blown up and are still active.

It is a diving region composed of small isle around Tekirova. It is one of the most popular diving regions as there are many diving zones around, various depths, the deep structure is richer than Antalya, the vision is clear and is close to many diving centers. It is nearly at 45 minutes of distance from Kemer marina.

Suluin Cavern

Antalya Plateau is a travertine plateau. Water formed this plateau by dissolving limestone. Under this formation, many fresh water sources go into the sea.

Suluin Cavern in Kirkgoz Locale is one of the underwater caverns which are estimated to be dry before because of the stalactites and stalagmites in it. In a research done in 1995 it was detected that the depth of the cavern reached 83 meters and a hall 45 meters high was entered when the channels were followed. The walls of this hall are covered with stalactites, travertine pools and other formations. As a result of the research done, there are many side branches going and coming out of the hall.