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Glider is an air vehicle that can fly without a power supply (engine) on it. Thanks to its high gliding capability, it is possible to fly by this vehicle and travel over long distances.

Glider is a flight vehicle that takes off by being pulled by another motorized plane or by a steel rope connected to an engine at the upper end of the runway. When glider reaches up to a specific altitude in air, pilot releases the towing rope and it begins its free flight. Its appearance and function of its controls are just like the ones in motorized planes. However, air conditions have more importance for gliders.

Cockpit of the glider can be for one or two persons. There is a radio in the glider that ensures communication between land and the glider.

It is one of the oldest air sports in Turkey and Glider Flight School was established in 1935.

Glider Training

Glider Training Courses are given by Turkish Aeronautical Association. Glider course, which is opened at Inonu Training Center every year, consists of beginning, improvement and advanced improvement courses. Regional courses are also organized on demand.