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Ballooning sports, first emergence of which goes up to the end of 18th century, also arouse interest in our country. While it has been made with sporting purposes for long years, city tours with balloons are organized in local activities at touristic regions.

Balloon Flight Rules for Foreigners

Before the balloon flight, one should apply to Ministry of Transportation General Directorate of Civil Aviation by determining registration sign of the air vehicle, purpose of the flight and flight zone.

If the flight in our country will take more than 15 days; licenses of foreign pilots shall accredited by Ministry of Transportation General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Balloon Tours

Balloon tour, which is the symbol of Cappadocia, is a great opportunity for watching unique beauty of the region through bird’s eye. In order to take part in the balloon tours, which must be made in Cappadocia, reservation can be made through hotels. A one and a half hour balloon tour to be made at first hours of the morning or a short flight for 45 minutes will display indescribable beauties of Cappadocia as a unique picture.

Balloon tours are made in the morning if air conditions are available. Baskets belonging to the ballooning companies in the region are for 8, 10, 12 and 20 persons. Balloon pilots are professional, certificated and experienced. Communication in four languages, as English, German, French and Swedish, is made with the participants.

It is recommended to wear comfortable footwear and cloths during balloon tour. After the balloon tour, participants receive flight certificate.


Balloon training in Turkey is given by Turkish Aeronautical Association. The ones, who complete their training, are given a license certified by General Directorate of Civil Aviation.