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Turkish Aeronautical Association and private aviation clubs give training for parachuting sports.

Jumping Regions

Ankara : Headquarters of the Parachute School is affiliated to General Directorate of Turkkusu in Ankara, which is the executive body of Turkish Aeronautical Association. Jumps are not realized too frequently due to density of the air traffic; however parachute jumps are realized on special days and for personnel training.

Inonu : It is the major training center, at which parachute school activities are consistently realized in summer. It is a region that has training and accommodation facilities 40 km far from Eskisehir and at which all aviation activities can be made all together.

Efes : It is a touristic jumping center, which is 70 kilometers far from Izmir and 15 km. from Kusadasi, which has an asphalt runway of 1760 m. long adjoining Ephesus ruins and Virgin Mary Church and that has hosted especially international parachute competitions.