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The official language of Turkey is Turkish and 90 % of the population speaks Turkish. Also, speaks approximately 70 languages and dialects such as Caucasian and Turkish dialects and Arabic, Greek, Ladino, Kurdish, Armenian.

The Turkish of Turkey, a compound language of Ural-Altay, has differentiated by time and underwent an evolution. Turkish of Turkey is the modern form of Ottoman Turkish language which had transferred many words from Arabic and Farsi and which underwent an evolution after the republican era. This language composes the sub element of Oghuz dialects known since 11th century with Azerbaijani and Turkmenish.

Turkish is the most spoken seventh language among 4000 languages on the earth and it is spoken by people over 200 millions.

The Turks have used many written languages since the 8th century but they preferred Gokturk, Uighur, and Arabic and finally Latium alphabets for the longest time. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, aiming to reach the level of the modern civilization, enabled the acceptance of Latin letters which are arranged harmonious to the sound sequence of Turkish instead of Arabic alphabet in 1928.