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[Formula 1]

FORMULA 1      

Istanbul Park Circuit

Istanbul Park Circuit covers a total area of 2,215,000 m². There are 14 turns, of which 6 are right turns and 8 left turns in the circuit, which is of 5378 meters length. It is surrounded with 124 thousand tire barriers. The total capacity for the spectators in Istanbul Park Circuit is 130,000 and the radius of the sharpest turn is 15 m.

Formula 1 Istanbul Circuit is located at the Tuzla Tepeoren locality. The architect of the circuit, Herman Tilke designed the circuit as of 5333 km. length, with a width of 14,5 - 21,0 m. and running as counter-clockwise. Maximum speed is 320,58 km/h. The main structures are Paddock, pit buildings, main grandstand and service buildings in the circuit which has got rising and descending grades. Moreover, there are a parking lot with the capacity of 12.000 cars and four heliports.

There are two storey race control tower, pit spaces, terrace and medical centre in the area, where the paddock buildings are located, providing a total space of 30.000 m². There are heliports right near the medical center. The pit buildings are 33 and there is lavatory plus shower in each of them.

The total capacity of the grandstands is 125.000-145.000 spectators. The press grandstand has a capacity of 600 people.