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Trabzon plateaus are very rich in forests, green places, plant species and wild life. Because of its being temperate and having frequent rain, nearly every species of tree and plant is grown here. Wild animals can find shelters for themselves in the mountains, plateaus and forests of Trabzon. In terms of plant species, the area is convenient for the growth of 2,500 plant species and it attracts plant observers with 440 plant species peculiar to the area.

It is suitable and easy to access Trabzon villages and plateaus by motor vehicles in summer months. Communicating with each allocation unit is possible. The fact that the authentic life of the folk and traditional cultural factors (folk architecture, ethnographic materials etc.) survive today without being disrupted in some parts and traditions, customs and conventions, architecture, agricultural and cultural activities, local crafts of the folk (baskets made of chestnut and hazelnut twigs, shawl, string, lain cloth, fiddle music and local meals) increases the attractiveness of the city.

Especially the plateau festivals have a discrete part in local culture. The schedule with regard to the significant festivals held in Trabzon is stated in the following part.


Name Place Date
The Spring Festival Bairam Salpazari-Acisu The first Sunday of May
The Mesebet Festival Mersin City Mesebet Hill 21st of June
The Sultan Murat Memorial Day Caykara-The Sultan Murat Plateau 23rd of June
The Aladurbiye Sea Entertainments Akcaabat 6th of July
The Soguksu Festival Macka- The Ocakli Village Liser Plateau 7th of July
The Hirsafa Karadag Festivals Duzkoy-Karadag The first Saturday and Sunday of July
The Karadag Plateau Festivals Vakfikebir-Karadag The second Saturday and Sunday of July
The Hidirnebi Festival Akcaabat-Hidirnebi Nomad Camping Ground 20th of July
The Kadirga Plateau Festival Salpazari-Tonya- The Kadirga Plateau near Gumushane border The third Friday of July
The Alaca Plateau Festival
The Salpazari Alaca Plateau The third Sunday of July
The Sisdagi (Fog Mountain) Festival Salpazari Sisdagi (Fog Mountain) The fourth Saturday of July
The Kaldirim Plateau Festival Carsibasi The fourth Saturday and Sunday of July
The Sanasitka Festival Macka Orman Ustu (Above Forest) Village The third week of July
The Taskopru Culture and Plateau Festival The Arsin-Yomra Taskopru Plateau The third Sunday of July
The Kusmer Plateau Festival The Caykara-Kusmer Plateau 30th of July
The Surmene Culture and Tourism Festival Surmene 31st of July
The Aga Konagi Festival Salpazari –Uzumozu Village The first Sunday of August
The Karaabdal Folk Festival Isiklar-Akcaabat- Kayabasi Plateau The second Sunday of August
The Mid-time Plateau Festival Caykara 20th of August
The Honefter Festival The Duzkoy Honefter Plateau 20th of August
The Yesilyurt-Yilantas Festival of Traditional Cultural and Artistic Activities Yesilyurt-Arakli 25th of August -1st of September
The Coban Dernegi Festival Duzkoy- Alazli Plateau 27th of August
The Izmis Festival The link place of Tonya-Vakfikebir-Besikduzu-Salpazari The last Sunday of August
The Kadiralak Plateau Festival Tonya The first week of September

Caykara-Uzungol (The Long Lake) Tourism Center

It is 99 km to Trabzon and 19 km to city Caykara. It has a smooth path and it is an easily accessible place. Uzungol at a height of 1,250 meters above sea level charms those who see it with its fantastic forest and steep slopes. The lake formed by the rocks’ falling from the slopes in the middle of the valley and closing the estuary of River Haldizen is known as “Uzungol” and its neighborhood carries the same name. Especially the old wooden houses of Serah Village near Uzungol constructed in harmony with nature complete the splendor of the environment.

At Holdizen Mountains at a height of 3,000 meters and at 10 km south of Uzungol where infrastructure services have been completed, it is possible to go for a walk around Balikligol (Fish Pond) and to observe the magnificent wild life. It is also possible to do angling in the lake which hosts trout and carp. Various animal species such as bear, wolf, wild goat, fox, and Caucasian mountain-rooster take shelter in the mountains around Uzungol.

It is possible to organize trips to the lakes that are packed among higher mountains or to other plateaus such as Sekersu, Demirkapi, and Yaylaonu close at hand besides going for a nature walk in the neighborhood, observing birds, making tours with botany aims. Nearly ten lakes with different sizes on the tops of mountains almost 10-20 km to Uzungol form fascinating sceneries. The Valley of River Haldizen lengthening to the south owns unique natural richness.

Uzungol is a popular tourism center. Accommodations for travelers and tourists and restaurants with valley and lake landscapes are run in every season. Problems such as accommodation and catering are not experienced here and 72-bedded wooden bungalows wait for the visitors throughout the year.

Sultan Murat Plateau

It is 25 km to Trabzon City, Caykara Town. It is at 54 km northwest of the town Aydintepe in Bayburt.

In Sultan Murat Plateau attracting local folk, “The Sultan Murat Festival” is held on 23rd of June and “Memorial Day” is commemorated on 20th of August and “The Festival of the Nomad Camping Ground of the Plateau (Yayla Obası)” is held on 15th of September. Meat restaurants, country coffees, grocers, butchers and pensions are operated in summers in the plateau whose infrastructure services have been completed.

You can accommodate in the hotel and pension in the plateau. You can find what you need in the plateau.

Karadag Tourism Center- Karadag Plateau

Bulk transportation to the plateau where you may get through a 28-km dirt road after the 12th km of Akcaabat-Duzkoy road is provided in plateau season.

The plateau at a height of 1,946 meters is an exact wonder of nature with its fresh air. The wild life is also very interesting. A grocer, a bakery, country coffee and a restaurant furnish services in the plateau. Furthermore, shops to buy gifts are also available. It is possible to accommodate in a 10-bedded pension.

Karadag Tourism Center- Hidirnebi and Kurucam Plateaus

It is possible to access the plateau through a 10-km dirt road after the 12th km of Akcaabat-Duzkoy road. The distance between Kurucam Plateau and Hidirnebi Plateau is only 1 km. Transportation to the plateaus in every season of the year is available.

The Hidirnebi Hill where Hidirnebi Festivals beginning on 20th of July and lasting for three days are held has wonderful scenery. The plateau forests at a height of 1,742 meters also shelters wolves, foxes, jackals. Handicraft products such as tasseled bags, speckled socks, knitted baskets, tubs and spoons are also made and sold by the villagers settling in the plateau. Besides grocers, greengrocers, bakeries, restaurants and country coffees, pensions operated during the plateau season are available in the plateau. There is also a pension in Acisu Village on the way.

Lake Sera and its Neighborhood

You can reach the plateau through a 2-km stabilized road going to the south after following 7 km of the Trabzon-Akcaabat road. Minibuses ply to the plateau in summers on this way.

Running water, electricity, communication facilities are available. The neighborhood of the Lake Sera has a characteristic of being a developed picnic and camping grounds. Accommodation can be realized in the pensions in the plateau. Each essential goods can be obtained in the plateau. Those interested in fishing had better not forget their fishing lines.

Macka-Solma Plateau

The plateau is accessed through a 22-km dirt road from Macka. The 16th km of the road passes by Mount Kulin taking attention with its flora. Minibuses ply to the plateau in summers.

A grocer and a greengrocer as well as infrastructure services such as electricity, running water and telephone are available in the plateau at a height of 1,700 meters above sea level. It is necessary to bring tents and necessary equipment.

Macka-Mavura Plateau

Minibuses ply to Mavura Plateau at 18 km to Macka in summers.

The distance between Mavura Plateau and Solma Plateau is three and a half km. Tramping is advised on the dirt road in the forest. Catering shops are available in the plateau. However, those who want to accommodate should bring necessary camping materials with themselves.

Macka-Kiraz Plateau

The distance between Macka and Gurgenagac Village is a 22-km asphalt road. It is possible to access the plateau through a 7-km dirt road after the village.

Grass skiing can be done in the plateau at a height of 1,850 meters above sea level. “The Ayeser Festivals” are celebrated on the third Friday of July. There is an opportunity to fish trout. Electricity, a grocer, a country coffee, a butcher, a meat restaurant are available. It is possible to accommodate in pensions in Hamsikoy and Gurgenagac Villages.

Lapazan Plateau

Lapazan Plateau is a very high plateau. You can access here only by a vehicle with a gear for four-wheel drive through a 27-km dirt road from the south of village Gurgenagac at a height of 2,200 meters.

The plateau where it snows in patches even in June and July lacks settlements. Those who want to accommodate in this fascinating scenery should bring their tents and materials for basic needs with themselves.

Macka-Cakirgol Plateau

It is possible to access the plateau after turning from the 5th km of Macka-Meryemana (The Virgin Mary) road and going ahead 90 km. Bulk transportation vehicles ply to some of the plateaus on the road. However, accessing Cakirgol Plateau is only possible by a four-wheel drive as this plateau is very high, too.

Before accessing to Cakirgol Plateau at a height of 2,504 meters, Arnavutluk, Kirantas, Akarsu, Ayraksa, Livayda, Kurugol, Mesaras, Furnoba, Kasapoglu, Camibogazi, Ortaoba and Deveboynu Plateaus are passed by.

It is necessary to bring necessary camping equipment and materials for basic needs.

Sisdagi (Fog Mountain) Plateau

It is 85 km to the city center of Trabzon and 38 km to the coast of Besikduzu. The shortest and easiest means of access is the way passing through the city Geyikli after going for another 4 km from Salpazari. 16 km of this route is made of asphalt and 22 km of it is smooth stabilized road. It is also possible to access Sisdagi through a nearly 40-km country road going inside from the coast near Giresun-Eynesil. There is also a stabilized road link to significant plateaus such as the Alaca, Sazalani, and Kadirga Plateaus in the neighborhood from Sisdagi Plateau at nearly 25 km northwest of Erikbeli Plateau.

Sisdagi is the highest and nearest plateau and mountain to the coast. Sisdagi in the borders of Giresun-Trabzon is the plateau and holiday resort of towns Eynesil and Gorele of Giresun as well as of towns Besikduzu, Salpazari and city Geyikli of Trabzon. Sisdagi Plateau is publicly identified as “not the plateau of goods but the plateau of life” due to its being used as a resting resort rather than stockbreeding and carrying a characteristic of a holiday resort.

Halil Evliya Hill, the highest place of Sisdagi, is at a height of 2,812 meters. It has an incredible pleasure to view the scenery, the sunrise and sunset at this height. Snows do not melt until the beginning of July at Sisdagi. Sisdagi (Fog Mountain) has taken its name from the mountain’s usually being foggy on the top and sides. Sometimes when the top parts are sunny, fog form lakes in deep valleys on the sides of the mountain and this landscape looks like a sea from above.

Pazaryari where an open air bazaar is available on Saturdays is at a height of 1,850 meters. Sisdagi is known for its meat braised in its own fat. After the freshly cut meat is roasted by those who are ready with their necessary cooking materials and eaten, it is a great pleasure to drink frigid drinking water of Sisdagi. The drinking water of Sisdagi is not only delicious but also very cold. Moreover, it is known that this water precipitates the digestive system. No matter how much a person eats he digested what he has eaten in a short time and begins to feel hungry again. Tables are set on the heel grass peculiar to the area. Milk, butter, honey, clotted cream, buttermilk of this area has a delicious and different taste.

Traditional “Otcu/Kaynak/Dernek Haftasi or The Sisdagi Plateau Festival” which thousands of people attended is held on the fourth Saturday in every July. Local people amuse themselves, eat and drink since morning till evening in this festival. People dance ‘horon’ (folk-dance with fiddle peculiar to the Black Sea Region) by holding their hands after making a circle around the fiddle, drum and horn and they set the most impressive example of brotherhood and peace. These amusements are regarded so important that people anxiously wait for the fourth Saturday of July throughout the year. People from nearby or far away, from other cities, even from other countries leave their jobs and arrange their vacations as to attend this festival. Necessary preparations are made weeks even months before the festival.

Where amusements are held at Sisdagi is plains at the peak of the mountain. The grass on these champaigns is called “heel grass” by local people. It means the grass is such a kind that it is not smashed when stepped on and it doesn’t make the body feel cold when slept on and gives a great pleasure when walked on with naked feet.

Sisdagi Plateau is a plateau liked by its proximity to the coast, its height above sea level, cold water, flora and fauna, richness in flower and plant species and natural beauties. There are forests on the sides of the mountain. The dominating type of trees is pine and hornbeam. It has appropriate conditions for camera safari, trekking, climbing, skiing, grass skiing, paragliding, jeep safari and many other activities.

A restaurant, a coffee, a tea-seller, a grocer, a butcher, a greengrocer, a mosque, a toilet, post-office, electricity and natural spring water are available. Moreover, a hotel though not luxurious, is available. An open air bazaar is available on Saturdays. It is possible to visit here for the day as it is close to major residential areas.

Kadirga Plateau

Kadirga Plateau is at 14 km east to Erikbeli Tourism Center at 24 km to Tonya.

Kadirga Plateau at a height of 2,300 meters consisting of plateau groups over 200 with different sizes is in the borders of Gumushane. However it is mainly used by people from Trabzon and Giresun. A country bazaar is available on the plateau every Saturday. Local people from different areas in the neighborhood come and do a weekly shopping here.

Thousands of people come for the Kadirga Festival (also called Otcular or Cokluk Haftasi [Abundance Week]) held on third Friday in every July. During this festival shows of folk dance peculiar to the area, competitions and entertainments with drum and horn are held and tons of meat, bread and buttermilk is consumed. The Kadirga Festival resembles to a big bazaar, fair and festivity. Kadirga Plateau over the timberline is a unique plateau with its large plains with meadows, cold water, and fresh air and with its location.

Many plains for tripping, having a picnic, playing and doing sports are available. There is also an interesting open-top mosque, the ground of which is composed of grass and which is surrounded by walls (two minarets were erected later), where lots of people perform the Friday ‘namaz’. During the festival week, this mosque is full of people and they perform the namaz on these vast grounds. It is possible to meet the demands of catering especially on Fridays in the plateau accessed for a day from cities and towns in the neighborhood.

Alaca Plateau

It is 70 km inside the coast from Besikduzu and at a height of 2,100 meters. The plateau on the junction of Trabzon-Giresun-Gumushane borders is also a place where cultures of these provinces meet. Alaca Plateau owns 9 nomadic camping grounds. A road most of which is stabilized is available in order to access each nomadic camping ground, plateaus in the neighborhood, towns and provinces.
Direct road and wayside inns from old times in the direction of south and north are available at the mountain. Acisu (Hard Water) in Alacam Plateau and medicinal spring is available in Cirkinderesi.

A country bazaar is available in the plateau every Sunday. Traditional Alaca Festival is held on third Sunday of every July. It is possible to buy wooden handcraft products from the bazaar.

It is a great pleasure to eat meat and drink tea with pine scents on sunny days. It charms visitors with its natural beauties, flora and fauna.

Infrastructure services such as a hotel to accommodate are available in the plateau. However those in search of more qualified accommodations can accommodate in Trabzon or other towns and cities in the neighborhood and organize trips for a day to here.

Duzkoy (Hacka Nomadic Camping Ground) Plateau

The plateau is accessible through a dirt road from Duzkoy at a 40-km distance to Trabzon.

Hackali Baba Enshrine is regarded as a significant place to be toured by local people. It is full of visitors. Pensions, grocers, butchers, greengrocers, bakeries and country coffee are available where it is possible to find what you need in the plateau. The Karaabdal Festival is held on 14th of August.