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[Plateau Tourism]


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Plateaus are certainly main places worth seeing in Rize surrounded by very blue sea on one side and by green tea gardens on three sides, rainy in every season therefore permanently green. The plateau culture survives with quite vividness in Rize bearing typical Black Sea Region with its folk, nature and climate. Rize plateaus very rich in fauna and flora, enabling you to encounter distinctive natural beauties in every step is an amusing holiday alternative for visitors with its local dishes, charming landscapes and festivals.

Visitors having arrived to the plateaus mainly in towns Camlihemsin, Hemsin and Ikizdere on the slopes of Kackar Mountain Range get the opportunity of many activities by surrendering the call of nature presenting numerous alternatives. Climbing to the mountain, camping, sportive angling, trekking on a horse, observing wild life and plants and the opportunity to ski in winter is among alternatives on first thought. Everybody certainly finds something to take pleasure from in the plateau. The most famous plateaus of Rize are Ayder Plateau known for its thermal springs, Upper and Lower Kavron Plateaus above Ayder and Anzer Plateau known for its honey worldwide in town Ikizdere. Of these plateaus, Ayder, Anzer and Upper Kavron have been announced as tourism centers.

Those aiming to tour Rize plateaus do not experience accommodation and catering problems. Besides there are roads to nearly all plateaus easily accessible, they are at a distance to be visited for a day from Rize and its towns. Plateau festivals are held in Rize enthusiastically as in other plateau areas in Turkey. Some of these plateau festivals attended by thousands of people and the dates when they are held are stated below.

Camlihemsin Ayder Plateau Festivals Camlihemsin- Ayder 07–08th of June
Rize Climbing and Tourism Festival Camlihemsin 14–19th of July
Kackar - Altiparmak Plateau Festival Ardesen 17th of July
Cagirankaya Plateau Festival Ikizdere The second week of August
Kuspa and Palovit Plateau Festivals Cayeli The fourth week of July

Camlihemsin- Ayder Thermal Spring Tourism Center –Ayder Plateau

It is at a 19-km distance to town Camlihemsin of Rize. Minibuses to the plateau are available

Ayder Plateau at a height of 1,350 meters is one of the most prominent plateaus of the Black Sea plateaus. It seems like a country. It is famous for its thermal spring as well as its rich fauna and flora. The thermal spring at 50 ºC supplies healing. Ayder Festivals are held in the area each year. Many accommodation and catering facilities are available.

Camlihemsin- Lower and Upper Kavron Plateaus

Lower Plateau is accessed through a 10-km dirt road from Ayder Plateau. The distance between Upper and Lower Kavron Plateaus is three kilometers. Minibuses from Ayder are available.

Upper Kavron Plateau at a height of 2,300 meters above sea level is at an almost 8-km distance to the peak of Mount Kackar. This plateau is the first camping ground of those aiming to climb to the Mount Kackar. It is possible to rent mules for carrying goods in the ascent of the mountain.

A grocer is available in the plateau. Upper and Lower Kavron Plateaus lack accommodation facilities. However, it is possible to stay at hotels and pension in Ayder Plateau.

Elevit and Palovit Plateaus

Elevit and Palovit Plateaus located on the northwestern slope of Kackar Mountains and one side of which is thoroughly surrounded by forests and the other side of which seems as if hang on the sky based on the slope of the mountain are one of the most attractive heights of the Black Sea Region. These plateaus where there is no transportation problem has a significant potential for hunting as all kinds of wild animals, especially wild goats, peculiar to Black Sea Region are raised in the plateaus. It is an incomparable pleasure to watch the waterfalls flowing high on rocks when crossing from Elevit Plateau to Palovit Plateau.

There are many plateaus on the slopes of Kackar Mountains. These include Pokut, Amlakit, Aboruc, Tirevit, Hapivanak, Davali, Hodacur, Cicekli, Basyayla Cimil, Balbas, Baskoy, Kito, Camlik, Cat and Caymakcur plateaus.

Fresh water fish are available in crater lakes sprinkled among these plateaus. Those interested in angling can fish. Trekking on a horse is also possible in the plateaus. The plateaus form an important potential for trekking on a horse with their green environment, fresh air and peerless landscapes.

Kuspa and Palovit Plateau Festivals are organized in 4th week of July each year by Cayeli Mayoralty.

The plateau lacks accommodation facilities. You can camp in a splendid atmosphere on the slopes of Kackar Mountains with your camping equipment you will bring with yourselves.

Ikızdere-Anzer (Ballikoy) Plateau (Tourist Center)

4 km of the road between Ikizdere-Derekoy is asphalt and 25 km of it is a dirt road. Minibuses are available in summers.

A grocer, a butcher, a bakery, a greengrocer, a country coffee and restaurants furnish service in the plateaus at a height of 3,000 meters above sea level. Anzer Honey known worldwide for its healing many diseases is produced in this plateau.

Any accommodation and shopping problem is not experienced in the plateau.

Ikizdere-Cagirankaya Plateaus

The plateau on the 25 km east of town Ikizdere of Rize is reached through a dirt road. Bulk transportation is available throughout summer.

The neighborhood of Cagirankaya at a height of 3,200 above sea level is surrounded by steep-sloped cliffs. It takes its name from the echo sounded here. River Ikizdere in town Ikizdere is a convenient place for rafting. Moreover, paragliding has lately been popular in the area. There is a natural thermal spring in Ikizdere-Derekoy. The thermal spring rich in minerals and iron attracts many visitors throughout summer. Cagirankaya Plateau Festival is organized by Ikizdere Mayoralty in the second week of August each year.

A grocer, a butcher, a coffee is run in the plateau having infrastructure such as electricity and telephone but the plateau lacks accommodation facilities. Those who want to camp should bring necessary equipment with themselves. Meat and dairy products and products like bread can be obtained in the plateau.