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Kadirli - Maksutoglu Plateau

The plateau is accessed by a 33-km stabilized road after turning to north (left) on the 12th km of Kadirli-Andirin-Kahraman Maras highway. Minibuses from Kadirli at certain hours in summer are also available.

There are plateau villages such as Yogunoluk (Katiralagi), Degirmendere and Tahta villages and Akarca Plateau, Koclu (Avluk) Village, Pasaoglu Plateau are situated on 33-km stabilized road with charming scenery.

The neighborhood of the plateau toured by local people to benefit from its fresh and cool air is thoroughly surrounded by deodar and fir forests. Local wooden houses and reinforced concretes having been lately constructed are integrated with apple, pear, cherry, and morello and juniper trees in the plateau.

A great number of flower, insect and bird species can be observed and trekking can be done in the midst of nature in the plateau including Yedigozler, the spring of Sayrun Brook, and passing through Cardak-Gurlevik-Turna-Sogutolugu-Dokurcun Beyolugu Cigsar plateaus starting from Maksutoglu Plateau. It is possible to camp and have a picnic. The subject of the novel “Ince Memed” by famous author Yasar Kemal takes place in this plateau. It is a great delight itself even to listen to the songs of deodar trees with the cool wind of the plateau in a restful environment of unspoiled nature exhibiting unique beauties.

Electricity and telephone are available and country coffees, grocers, butchers, small restaurants serving met dishes and private doctors furnish services in the plateau whose infrastructure is partially completed. Those wishing to spend a holiday in the plateau can rent houses beforehand.

Kadirli - Beyoglu - Savrungozu - Dokurcun and Cigsar Plateaus

This plateau on the slopes of Dibek Mountains, the northeastern extension of the Taurus Mountains, is reached by a 65-km stabilized road from town Kadirli. Minibuses from Kadirli are available in summers.

The plateau embellished by juniper, fir, deodar, wild rocks, high mountain meadows and varicolored wild flowers entrances its visitors thanks to its natural beauties. In the plateau, above whose rocks raptors (eagles, hawks, and falcons) fly and which is the grave as well as shelter and of the hero ‘Ince Memed’, thorny burnets with azure blossoms seems so charming that you cannot pass without taking a picture of them.

The healthiest and the most delicious apple, cherry, morello, mulberry and lots of other fruit and vegetables are grown in the plateau located by the bank of Savrun Brook.

It is possible to camp near springs where crystal cold water flows from in the plateau. You can climb to mass rocks called Deli Obek and Harmankaya in the Cigsar Plateau or you can accompany raptors.

You should bring your camping equipment with yourselves to camp.

Osmaniye - Zorkun and Olukbasi Plateaus

The plateau on the side of Nur Mountain is accessed by a 26-km asphalt road. City buses, minibuses and taxis ply between Osmaniye center and Zorkun Plateau.

Transportation to Urun Plateau on the 12th km of the road is easier. It is possible to view Osmaniye from Olukbasi Plateau used as a holiday resort. Olukbasi Plateau on the 16th km is a very lovely place with its all-wooden plateau houses among pine trees.

Zorkun Plateau is situated on a vast ground. It is possible to see villas with different architectural styles and other kinds of houses besides wooden plateau house in the plateau surrounded by pine and juniper trees. Grocers, country coffees, restaurants butchers, greengrocers and a bakery are available in the plateau flocked by people and an itinerant village clinic and a gendarme station are available at summer times. The population in Zorkun and its neighborhood in summers reach approximately 100,000.

Bagdas, Almacik and Almanpinari Plateaus

Bagdas Plateau accessed by a 57-km stabilized road passing through the forest and having a nice landscape from town Sumbas is situated between two hills. The neighborhood of the plateau is covered with pine, juniper, fir and deodar forests. The plateau where electricity, country coffees and grocers are available has plateau houses made of wooden and stone materials harmonious to the plateau architecture of the region. It is possible to camp and have a picnic in the plateau.

The Almacik Plateau is a lovely plateau integrated with the forest and situated on the slopes of a hill at a 4-km distance to Bagdas Plateau. It is possible to go by minibuses and midi buses.

The plateau at a 4-km distance to town Hasanbeyli is accessed by an asphalt road.

Alman Pinari, one of the oldest plateaus of this region, is located among vineyards and orchards.

It is possible to camp and have a picnic in the plateau where country coffees and restaurants and bakeries are available. Camping equipment should be brought.