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[Plateau Tourism]


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Ordu, keeping its natural, social and cultural life and authenticity, is a lovely city in the Black Sea Region. As in other cities of the Black Sea Region, you can see attractive plateaus being more picturesque in each step when you ascend to the slopes of mountains parallel to the coast in Ordu. Plateau festivals are held in certain periods in these plateaus.


Kumru-Duzoba Plateau Festival 27 – 28th of July
Korgan-Tepealan Festivals The first week of September
Korgan – Ascending to Plateaus Festivals 5th of May
Gulyali-Cataltas Festivals 20th of May
Yesilce Plateau Festival Within July
Topcam Plateau Festival Within July
Ordu Wos – Wos Festival July
Ucyol Plateau Festival Within July
Persembe Plateau Festivals Last week of July
Caybasi Ilkuvez Plateau Festivals 29 – 30th of June
Kabaduz Cambasi Plateau Festival 13 – 15th of July
Aybasti Yesilce Cultural Festival Within July

Cambasi Plateau

Cambasi Plateau, on 58 km south of Ordu, is a pleasant holiday resort composed of 500 houses at a height of 1,500 meters. Cambasi Plateau having ideal conditions for a cool and nice summer holiday with its market, bazaar, picnic grounds, restaurants and hotels; milk, meat, butter, cheese and more than these, with its fascinating scenery and natural beauties offers an unusual holiday opportunity.

The plateau in the borders of the town Kabaduz is reached by a 37-km dirt road, 21 km of which is asphalt. It is possible to take photos of extraordinary sceneries while ascending to the plateau. The Meet Brook following the road for the first 15 km and the Kurul Cliff nearby offers beauties worth seeing. Turnalik Plateau after the city Yokusdibi draws attention with its natural beauties. The forest of the plateau with 304 dwellings has a charming beauty. Frigid water flows from springs and fountains. Bulk transportation to Cambasi Plateau and to plateaus in the neighborhood during summer season is available.

Another interesting place worth sightseeing is Karagol Crater Lake at a height of 3,107 meters after a 2-hour walking. The scenery you meet when you have reached the lake is so fascinating as to enable you to forget your fatigue. The lake is surrounded by green meadows.

Materials for basic needs can be obtained from restaurants and grocers in the plateau. The population of Cambasi Plateau whose infrastructure such as electricity, running water and telephone is considerably completed reaches 15,000 in summer season. You can accommodate at comfortable and authentic houses or you can camp with your own equipment in the plateau.

Keyfalan Plateau

Keyfalan Plateau is on the south of the town Mesudiye, at a height of 1,200 meters above sea level and at a 9-km distance to the town. It is reached by an 11-km dirt road after the 9th km of Mesudiye-Sivas highway. It is thoroughly surrounded by pine forests. It has abundant cold water and fresh air. The plateau on the slopes of Kara Hill at a height of 2,180 meters, among pine forests, having vast open plains covered with grass has three significant nomadic camping grounds.

A 20-bedded accommodation facility under Forest Facilities is available. It is possible to buy fresh meat and dairy products produced by local people in a natural environment from approximately 50 plateau houses. Camping on green meadows in open air is a better alternative.

Persembe Plateau

Persembe Plateau is at a 124-km distance to Ordu city center and in the borders of the town Aybasti. The plateau is reached by a 17-km asphalt road from Aybasti. Bulk transportation from the town to the plateau is available. Plateau life beginning to arouse by start of snow to thaw in spring comes to the climax in vividness and enthusiasm with festivals held in the last week of July in Persembe Plateau. In these festivals, local people respond to the eternal joy and vividness of the green and chirpy nature in summer season with the same happiness and enthusiasm. Happiness meets happiness; cheerfulness meets cheerfulness and vividness meet vividness. In the Persembe Festival, one of the oldest fairs in Anatolia, the harmony between people and nature demonstrates beauties worth seeing. In the festival lasting for 7 days, people have race horses fattened throughout the year race, products peculiar to the area decorate the counters, various local traditions are maintained and folk dances are displayed.

Those who fish with a fishing line in the pond nearby the plateau houses, who cruise by boats, who swim try to benefit more from the beauties of Persembe Plateau as possible as they can.

There are approximately 100 plateau houses in the plateau. It is possible to supply basic needs from grocers, butchers, greengrocers, restaurants and the post office. It is possible to benefit from pensions in the town Aybasti for accommodation.

Argin Plateau

Argin Plateau is on the Akkus-Niksar highway, at a 3-km distance to Akkus city center and at a height of 1,597 meters. The whole surrounding of it is covered with hornbeam forests.

Yesilce and Topcam Plateaus

Yesilce and Topcam Plateaus include Beyagac, Kizilagac, Kiyiyurt and Cukuralan plateaus subjected to the town Mesudiye and cities Yesilce and Topcam and many nomadic camping grounds in the neighborhood. The plateaus where Traditional Yesilce Culture and Plateau Festivals are held in the middle of July every year have an undisrupted nature with rich flora, forests and brooks.